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If you or your baby are not overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality and taste then let us know and we will issue a full refund.
Note that allergy to cow’s milk proteins can, however rarely, in children breastfed for all dietary protein, thus also those of cow milk, pass into breast milk.
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I guess when we talk about diapers, we will inevitably talk about what's ON the diaper, yes?
Apart from a kitchen fire, the next thing that can potentially set the whole house running about will probably be pooping.
I'm gonna insert a jump break in this post just because I'd be posting loads of shitty pictures, literally. Black poop is very common if your baby is between 2-4 DAYS old because he is passing out meconium, which is essentially amniotic fluid and some other waste products that the baby had been injesting while in the womb. However, if your baby is no longer a newborn BUT is passing out black poop, it is definitely a cause for concern because it may signify bleeding! You will also realize that there is a distinctive difference as to how the poo look like for breastfed and milk powder fed babies.

If you look at the contipated poo closely, you will realize that some of them can be as hard as a rock, or perhaps slightly softer, like a ball of Play Doh. If the constipation is just a once or twice, then I guess there's nothing to be worried about. If the bloody poo shows up with diarrhoea, it means that there is an infection going on in the little body.
Of course, if it is constipated rocks of poo, it is because your poor child has been squeezing so hard, it tore some of the delicate tissues around the anus. Jacqualine is a work-from-home-mother who runs a one-stop party set-up store, Hello Lobang.
And when it comes to pooping, you can be sure we mummies will be there to scrutinize the poop like a private investigator, or at least I do. Generally, milk powder fed babies will pass more motion as compared to their counterpart, simply because breastmilk is so awesome, everything gets digested completely, leaving nothing to be passed out. It's probably the weather, or the food, or he is simply not used to the environment, but little boy didn't poop at all for the entire four days we were there!
I think it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that bloody poo IS AN ALARM RINGING and yes!

While this is a sign that you need some pain relief, it doesn't pose a threat to your baby.
Please feel free to add on any other poo you've seen or heard before, if you have any, under the comments section! It is also possible to have slimy poo even when the child is healthy; my holy grail Babycenter says that it is also likely from his saliva - happens when he is exceptionally drooly. Still, you should call the doctor to make sure it's not something more serious, like bleeding from your baby's intestines.
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