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Oh, and if you remember from her last episode, Tricia originally got the breast augmentation surgery so she could compete in the Miss (Mrs?) Oklahoma pageant, but it has apparently helped her with her fund-raising ideas, which all seem to involve not wearing a lot of clothes. As if we haven’t had a full helping of shock value yet, Tricia reveals that she has spent more than an estimated $100,000 on pageants for SamiJo.
I knew Tricia 2 years ago when she was sweet, she started dating black guys right out of the Correctional Center, and went down hill fast, I miss the old Tricia. She didn’t get paid for those pictures to be taken, SHE PAID for those pictures to be taken. This women left her husband and moved in with her NEW BOYFRIEND dragging her 4 kids with her within a span of 4 months! OK, reading this garbage of opinions is extremely entertaining, but I have to speak up on behalf of Tricia, whom I happen to know personally. In what right mind is it ever ok to prance around like a dirty little s**t in front of your two year old? She left her husband and moved in with a new boyfriend dragging her kids into her f**ked up life! PHOTOS VIDEO Jenelle Evans attends Farrah Abraham birthday bash in MiamiAmidst pregnancy reports, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans bared a little bit of her midriff in a pair of orange shorts while in attendance at Farrah Abraham’s 25th birthday bash at a club in Miami last night. PHOTOS Kourtney Kardashian looks AMAZING in black leather at Jewel nightclub openingKeeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian looked as though she walked right off the set of the new Tomb Raider movie and onto the red carpet at the grand opening of the Jewel nightclub at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas last night!
The gallery at the centre of a censorship row has said it will not withdraw controversial images of naked children from its exhibition. The Saatchi Gallery in London was visited by police officers from Scotland Yard's obscene publications unit last week after complaints from the public. The police deny asking the gallery to remove the pictures but confirm they are preparing a report for the Crown Prosecution Service.

It is thought complaints were made about photographs of children by American photographer Tierney Gearon. The photos show Ms Gearon's own children in a variety of locations, often naked or semi-naked. The gallery, owned by art collector Charles Saatchi, will keep the pictures on display when the exhibition, I Am A Camera, re-opens to the public on Thursday. Fine art publisher Edward Booth-Clibborn is also thought to have been given a Thursday deadline to remove thousands of copies of the accompanying book I am a Cinema.
Henderson Mullin, publisher of the bi-monthly magazine Index on Censorship, told BBC News Online that the row was becoming a "moral panic". There have been suggestions that the News of the World newspaper is connected with the police visit to the gallery. But a spokeswoman for the newspaper told BBC News Online that no-one from the paper had alerted the police. Mr Henderson said the photos were neither "lewd or sexually provocative" and so were not contravening the 1978 Protection of Children Act.
The Culture Secretary Chris Smith has already warned of the dangers of censorship while not commenting on the pictures directly.
In addition to working at Hooters and as a ring girl at cage fights, Tricia decided she would pose for a lingerie calendar and sell it in and around the Oklahoma City area for a little extra coin. Actually, in this episode Tricia was set to also compete, but her competition (probably another mom who found out TLC would be there recording) pulled out of the pageant last minute. When the teacher asks what does your mommy do for a living she can say she dresses like a slore while selling chicken wings and hustling naked calenders of herself to help fund my pagenants aka the money mommy uses for new boobs and hair extensions. It is so easy for some of you reality TV fans to get into your confy corner on the couch and make judgement.

Who BTW is taking in everything her mother is doing and in no time will be doing the same exact thing.
We have the same parenting method and my 14 yr old son watched me strip my way through college. Keep reading to check out tons of photos and videos of MTV’s biggest headline generating machines having a blast together! Keep reading for lots of photos and even some party videos shared by Kourtney herself on Snapchat.
TLC cameras and little SamiJo went along for the shoot as Tricia strutted and jutted her stuff in a pair of leopard print panties and a black bikini top.
And judging from the episode, Tricia’s new boyfriend adds another older brother to the mix.
Tricia reveals that SamiJo’s name was going to be America (so she could be Miss America all the time), but her dad and all of their friends forbade it. I’m a single mother also and the LAST thing I would do is strip down in front of my child and teach her how to be a s**t. No word if they are as fascinated with Victoria’s Secret as SamiJo, or how much Tricia spends on their endeavors. Better yet let some of your personal life air on TV and I promise your fellow reality gurus will put you up for judgement!

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