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Kori Ellis is an editor and writer based in San Antonio, TX, where she lives with her husband and four children. Children need to begin eating healthy at a young age in order to develop good eating habits for the rest of their lives.
Cut a whole grain pita into quarters and serve with a bowl of hummus, along with chunks of raw vegetables.
Because the end of breastfeeding is a significant change for a toddler, avoid weaning when other major changes (such as toilet training, starting child care or moving house) are taking place. Introduce a few limits, such as not breastfeeding when you’re out, or only feeding after lunch during the day. Introduce lots of activities and outings into your daily routine so that your toddler is too busy and distracted to think about breastfeeding. Try to organise for her dad or someone else to settle her with a cup of milk or water if she wakes for a breastfeed at night.
Try to avoid dressing and undressing while your toddler is around, and wear clothes that keep your breasts out of sight.
If your toddler is breastfeeding only before bedtime at night and when she wakes in the morning, it’s a good idea to stop the night feed first.

If you decide to stop the early morning feed, try to be dressed before your toddler wakes up and then distract her with a cup of milk and breakfast.
TestimonialsLast fall, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Bonjour Baby via a giveaway over at the ecoxpo. Instead of ketchup, ranch dressing and other sauces, provide your toddlers with healthy dips for fruits, vegetables and crackers. Allow your child to dip bite-sized pieces of melons, oranges, kiwis, apples and other fruits into the yogurt. Serve the avocado dip with strips of vegetables such as bell pepper, carrot, cucumber or even broccoli. Start with the one that you think will suit your toddler best; use a few if that suits you both.
An exotic drink at a cafe when you’d normally be at home having a breastfeed is likely to be greeted with enthusiasm. Perhaps leave her with someone she’s comfortable with at those times when she would normally have a breastfeed, as she will be less likely to miss it if you’re not around. Again, distractions such as a sleepover at her grandparents, or someone else reading her stories, can help to break the old routine.

The quality of your articles are also a great resource for the new parents wanting to raise a sustainable baby like us! Thanks to your article on homeopathy for babies we were able to naturally treat her condition. You can break the association between breastfeeding and sleep by feeding in another room, and by not feeding just before bed.
I recently emailed some about baby care to some other mums in my parenting group and now my whole parenting group are all devoted Bonjour Baby fans!
We discovered you from a friend and you have inspired us to live a bit greener once our little one arrived a few months ago.
My sister and I are continuously looking for your new articles, as we want what is best for our bubs.

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