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A new study has changed the way parents should look to protect their baby from succumbing to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Up until now, parents have been advised to place their babies on their backs to sleep, thought to be the safest position and least likely way for a baby to die from SIDS. Now Goldstein’s study has added additional elements to consider when it comes to the incidence of SIDS. While the exact causes of SIDS have yet to be pinpointed, these factors will help parents protect their babies as best as possible. Pediatrician Richard Goldstein, MD lead a recent study at Boston Children’s Hospital that found that factors not previously considered a cause of SIDS may now be instrumental in causing the affliction. Other sleeping precautions, such as eliminating soft crib bedding to reduce the chance of suffocation were also recommended.
Premature birth may contribute to SIDS, as well as exposure to cigarette smoke while in-utero, cites his research.
Most importantly, sleep safety and proper pre- and post-natal care are key for the prevention of SIDS.

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