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Submit your email below and your 30 Day Activity Calendars will be delivered to your inbox. If fascinates me to see that some individuals think that there are disadvantages of teaching a toddler to read early on.
Kids are extremely creative, imaginative, and capable human beings - far more than we adults give them credit for! Most of the toys we give to kids are really probably just to keep them out of our way so that adults can continue on with whatever it is that they deem important that must be done. The major issue faced by most parents when it comes to teaching their kids to read is most are unsure of how to go about the entire process of teaching their children to read. Surviving A Teachers SalaryBringing back educational passion with Crafts, Teachers, and Resources. My name is Crystal - I am the passion behind this site and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! Whether you're a teacher or a parent you'll find educational crafts, reviews, deals, printables, and other great resources! Lately my preschooler has not only been learning his letters but he has also been working on his letter sounds – and that includes knowing the first letter to common words he knows. Our elementary school librarian suggested that the first bulletin board of the school year showcase the  students’ summer reading.
The following is a step-by-step description of how to create the bulletin board shown here. When my daughter was three years old, we spent many afternoons snuggled together on the couch while I read to her – sometimes up to ten picture books in a row.
My least favorite books were those based on a television show popular with the toddler set. Every now and then, I would be delighted to stumble across a story that was thoroughly entertaining to both me and my child. This semi-autobiographical story depicts a routine daddy -daughter outing that goes awry when daughter Trixie’s beloved stuffed animal is lost. This tongue-in-cheek tale describes one particular’s princess path to becoming potty-trained. This modern and comical adaptation of “The Little Red Hen” recounts a week in the life of Iguana and her three friends as they plan and host a party. This simple tale conveys a universal theme that can be appreciated by young and old alike – it is magical to find a friend who understands your point of view. This dreamy story captures the magic and wonder of the world, both literally and figuratively, as seen from a child’s point of view. Spelling Words WellSpelling Words Well is THE resource for spelling word lists, worksheets, games and spelling bee helps. Free Sight Words, Games & ActivitiesUse these printable free sight words to give your students important practice in reading and spelling. Many parents decide to read to their babies during pregnancy, when the sense of hearing has begun to develop, which occurs around the third month of gestation. Whether reading before nap or before bedtime at night, take a few minutes out of each day to snuggle up together and look at a book!
Just the same way that we, as adults, have favorite books or favorite songs, infants and toddlers do as well!
Just being together is an incredible bonding experience between an adult and child, or an older and younger sibling.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I mean, what could possibly cause someone to think that helping children learn to read early will be harmful?
Most adults believe that toddlers have very short attention spans, but if we dig deeper and really analyze things, you'll see that children LOVE to learn! Give a child some toy blocks, or a toy cars, a rattle, or stuffed animals - after about a minute or two, they're already bored of it, and throws it aside.
For example, with our 2nd child Ethan, (if I remember the time correctly) when he was a one year old toddler, he was enthralled with buckles, especially those of his car seat. To drive home the point that children love to learn, and that learning is fun for toddlers. Even on your worst days, you will still be better than anyone else in this world at teaching your own child.
Do you start with ABC, do you start with the child's name, do you start with sight words, or do you start with letter sounds?

Early reading acquisition and its relation to reading experience and ability 10 years later. I made these fun FREE Beginning Sounds Worksheets printables for him to use and thought some of you might like to use them too! Now that my daughter is in kindergarten and learning to read on her own, my days as a narrator are numbered. The interplay of hand-drawn characters overlaid on sepia-toned photographs of the author’s Brooklyn neighborhood is original and captivating.
The author lightheartedly pokes fun at the antics of the adults throughout the kingdom who attempt to coerce the princess to use the potty instead of her royal diaper. Iguana becomes frustrated with Conejo, Tortuga and Culebra as they repeatedly invent excuses to avoid helping with the party preparations.
They also have hard pages that are not able to be torn, and can tolerate the natural mouthing stage that many infants and toddlers go through.
Reading aloud promotes language development, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and bonding and attachment between parent and caregiver. Model reading by reading books, magazines, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, or any type of print material. Simply talking about the pictures that are on the page or even just one tiny aspect of the picture can be equally as fun, and sometimes a great plan for a child who doesn’t sit for very long! Reading the same book over and over again promotes memorization, self-confidence, and of course – language development!
Start with one free email, and our coaches will offer you actionable recommendations to help you and your child. After all, so much research has been done and confirmed the fact that early reading has wonderful benefits for later on in life. To the adult, this simply reaffirms our predisposed belief that children have short attention spans. He was so preoccupied by it that he would spend upwards of over 30 minutes trying to clip the buckle and then unclip it. Because of this, teaching abc to toddlers and teaching them to read at an early age is not only beneficial, but FUN for them. If you want to teach your toddler to read at an early age, what you need is a simple and effective reading program that takes you through the entire process step-by-step.
Before we move into this next phase I want to share some of our favorite books from her preschool days. Willems’ masterful ability to convey a range of emotions with sparse use of line and language won him a Caldecott honor for this gem of a book. The moral of this entertaining story  is that the princess will ultimately become potty trained when she has decided that she is ready, regardless of the prodding from the adults in her life.
In addition to introducing the Spanish words for turtle, rabbit and snake, this book also teaches the days of the week in Spanish. Parents who share their home with small people will also chuckle at the drawings depicting crayon-colored walls, a jump rope in the bathroom sink, a toothbrush on the floor, and toys, books and clothes strewn all about. Sticky little fingers can turn these pages easily, and Mom or Dad can wipe them down quickly with a sanitizing wipe for easy cleaning!
Parents can help their child practice making choices by choosing between two books, and can also encourage turn taking between siblings when choosing books. Once a toddler has a book memorized, try leaving off a word at the end of a rhyming line… for example – “The sun has set not long ago, so everybody goes below. This will open up a world of learning, a love of books, and the first stages of literacy for your young child. For example, a 3 year old toddler's vocabulary predicts his or her reading success in first grade, [1] and that vocabulary and reading ability in grade one strongly predicts outcomes in grade 11. Because these are the 5 pathways we humans learn - touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste.
When you teach a toddler to read at a young age, there is no resistance to learning, because it's something they love. We taught all of our children to read before they turned 3 years old using an extreme simple and effective program.
They will count, add and subtract Angry Birds and they won’t even notice that they are learning!Either print all of the pages to create a workbook or print only the pages that you need. Over this past summer I noticed that kids in a wide range of ages were engrossed in creating imaginary worlds using the hit computer game, Minecraft.

The colorful illustrations depict Iguana becoming increasingly flustered as the week progresses. Books can be kept in the kitchen for mealtime, in the bathroom for potty time, near the bed, by the couch, in the car, or even in a special travel bag for places like the grocery store or a restaurant!
The teaching process in our step-by-step system works exceptionally well at teaching young children to read.
As a result, we plowed through a whole range of books – some of them more memorable than others.
With soap all over, SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB!” Leave off the “scrub scrub scrub” as you read…pause and wait for your child to fill in the words or silly sounds!
The toddler is trying to LEARN everything he or she can about that new toy they've never see before.
It's actually a rather simple process that requires about 10 to 15 minutes of your time each day, along with regular read aloud sessions on a daily basis.
Smith Publishing Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Comments (0) close Continue Slideshow Prev of 12 View All Next Prev of 12 View All NextEverything in this slideshow 1 of 12 1 of 12 Facebook Pinterest Animal Antics Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetHelp your child complete each sentence using the words in the suggestion box. But then Mouse appears and confirms what Bear knew all along: “It’s the greatest thing ever!” Greg Foley’s Bear appears in several other books about friendship. Learning to read early will stimulate a toddler's intellectual development and help them become smarter - after all, reading does make you smarter. As his motor skills were still developing, it was a real challenge for him to aim the two parts of the buckle and then push it together to clip it. Toddlers will touch them, open them, kiss them, taste them, sit on them, get them sticky, love them, smile and open those giant eyes to show you that they LOVE the worlds that books are opening up for them! Not long after, as he got better and better with his hand and eye coordination, clipping the buckles no longer posed a challenge, and he pays no more attention to it. Print out each worksheet one by one or get a complete workbook at the end.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 2 of 12 2 of 12 Facebook Pinterest Clothes Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetHelp your child describe different articles of clothing by filling in the blank of each sentence with words from the box. Plus, she will love coloring in the pictures at the end!Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear!
Authors like Sandra Boynton, Eric Carle, and Lois Ehlert are just a few you can look for at your local library, bookstore or yard sale. 3 of 12 3 of 12 Facebook Pinterest A Musical Family Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetThis worksheet doubles as a reading exercise and a great jumping off point for discussion. As your child fills in the blanks of each sentence, ask him about his own musical tastes and what each instrument sounds like.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 4 of 12 4 of 12 Facebook Pinterest Our Vacation Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetListen as your child completes each sentence with the words in the box that describe a family vacation.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 5 of 12 5 of 12 Facebook Pinterest Things We Like Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetAsk your child about her likes and dislikes as she fills in each sentence with words from the word box.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 6 of 12 6 of 12 Facebook Pinterest At the Farm Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetYour child will learn about life on a farm as she uses words from the word box to complete each sentence.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 7 of 12 7 of 12 Facebook Pinterest Going to School Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetHelp your child get excited about going to school as he fills in the blanks using the words from the word box.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 8 of 12 8 of 12 Facebook PinterestTracey Smith Opposites Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetTeach your child about opposites as he works to fill the blanks of each sentence.
Then, ask him to give you other examples of objects that are opposites.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 9 of 12 9 of 12 Facebook Pinterest The Park Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetComplete each sentence with words from the word box. As your child completes the worksheet, ask her about her favorite activities to do at the park.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 10 of 12 10 of 12 Facebook Pinterest What I Like Fill-in-the-Blank Reading WorksheetHelp your child fill in each sentence using the words from the word box. Plus, she will love telling you what she likes and doesn't like.Get the Exercise PageWin Baby Gear! 11 of 12 11 of 12 Facebook Pinterest Fill-in-the-Blank WorkbookDownload the entire fill-in-the-blank workbook for hours of educational fun.Copyright © 2010 Meredith Corporation.Get the Complete WorkbookWin Baby Gear!

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