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In these toddler activities we’re looking at learning to count and recognise numbers. Games for babies and toddlers are generally short and involve direct interaction between the grandparent and child.
Depending upon their age, games for school-age children include board games, card games and electronic games and jump ropes, playing catch and making mud pies. Games made from things at home are fun for children and good for the grandparent’s budget.
If a child is visiting for several days with a grandparent, a game that takes long time is enjoyable.
Even when distance separates grandparents and their grandchildren, there are still games they can play. We’ve already looked at sensory play and arts and crafts, and today our focus is on math games.
For the child, play is an important part of childhood, developing thinking and reasoning skills, teaching social skills and building confidence.
For infants, these games include peek-a-boo, itsy-bitsy spider, imitating animals, or walking around and naming things. Grandparents can enhance learning skills, according to a Reading Rockets article, with word games, such as repeating nursery rhymes and leaving out a specific word or telling stories to each other. Although infants don’t understand the concept of a full game, grandparents can play make believe with infants.
Instead of tossing or donating old clothes, fill a box with clothes, shoes, hats, purses and costume jewelry for an afternoon of dress-up and makeup believe, ending with a tea party.

For older children, board, card, and guessing games develop reasoning skills while physical games help develop stronger, healthier bodies for both the children and the grandparent. Younger children can play guessing games or fill-in-the blank rhymes over email or web cams. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Come experience an introduction to a Montessori Environment with you child, guided by a local Montessori Teacher and mom, Meghan Rinehart. Older babies and toddlers love these games as well, and they enjoy simple toys including blocks, balls, crayons, bubbles or sidewalk chalk. For grandparents who are active physically, badminton, croquet and throwing balls are fun outdoor games.
Budget-minded games for older children include charades, hopscotch, homemade bubble solution and play dough.
For grandparents who don’t mind getting wet, a water balloon toss is a fun and cool way to spend a hot summer afternoon.
Then everyone turns over one card at the same time in a discard pile, until a jack appears. Older children can arrange to meet their grandparents on Internet gaming sites and play a game of Spades while chatting about what has been going on in their lives. The songs, rhymes, finger plays and fun in this four-week series create a strong foundation for learning and a love of reading. Intermediate speakers of English will improve their speaking & comprehension skills in this FREE series of interactive sessions with NY State Certified ESL Teacher, Janice Towers.

Ileen Gottesfeld returns to Fictional Voyages this spring venturing into the historical novel with four unique accounts of the struggles to survive in Paris during the German occupation of WWII. We don’t need to try and sit toddlers down at a table and fill in worksheets, when we can explore the same math concepts through games, play and everyday activities.
Playing allows for conversation between players; grandparents can share memories of their childhood or listen to the problems and successes of the child.
Join local parent and certified NYS Mathematics teacher, Jean Marie Stein, to review for the Algebra I Regents final exam.  Come right from school…we’ll have refreshments and start reviewing!  (Hommocks students, please feel free to come a little late). Play continues until everyone has used up the cards in his hands; the player with the most cards in his discard stack wins.
If you would like to be on our wait list for this program, call 834-2281 and ask for the Children’s Room.
Chair Yoga consists of arm, leg and head movements, as well as twisting your torso, that are done while seated in a chair.  Chair Yoga is a terrific way to maintain fitness of your body and mind through very low-impact exercises.
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