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Rhinestone Iron On Transfer Hotfix Motif A-Z LetterRhinestone Iron On Transfer Hotfix Motif A-Z Letter   BEAUTIFUL EASY TO APPLY IRON ON SPARKLER!! Toys and games of today no longer focus only on fun, even though it is an important element. But most parents don’t mind paying a premium as long as it helps the child to learn important concepts. It is quite common to find educational toys and games that focuses on music, arts, foreign languages, computing and much more.
In spite of the fact that these are expensive, because of their educational value there is an overwhelming interest shown by parents & kids for these toys and games. Toys that focus on learning actually can incorporate anything – even things like sticks and rocks if they add to the learning. Obviously these companies project their products as something that will turn your children into geniuses and so try to price them much higher than what the product would actually be worth.
But since the options available are many, you should always give serious thought to what you are paying for.

These are some of the educational and learning toys that are available and are quite popular with toddlers, and will also help them to become good at math & science.
Re-purpose a tissue box into a fun baby game of touch and guess.  Put a variety of textures into the box, a variety of sizes of objects and watch as your baby problem solves to try and get the item out. Looking for a wide variety of suggestions of things that your child can explore with – most of which are readily available in your kitchen or playroom?  Allissa, of Creative with Kids, has ideas of sensory things to do with a one year old. If you don’t mind mess here is a fun toddler sensory activity, consider emptying your shredded paper bin into a box, kiddie pool, maybe even the tub (anything with sides on it), give your toddler a spoon and they will have a blast! Consider collecting a bunch of different textured items for your child to explore.  Mix dish scrubbies, paintbrushes, cotton balls, toothbrushes and other household items into a toddler treasure basket. Looking for other ideas of things to create a sensory treasure box with?  Living Montessori has a great list of ideas and you can check out these Sensory Development Activities as well.
Here at Kids Activities Blog, we are a little obsessed with playing with baby!  Here are some recent articles about activities that are mom and kid tested.
Demand from most working parents for educational value means manufacturers are coming out with toys and games that focus on learning as well.

Companies nowadays are investing a lot of their efforts in coming up with better and innovative products. While that is a good thing the only trouble with that is that they can end up being quite expensive.
It’s important to have a list of educational products that offer excellent learning opportunities for your children. So its important to do some research; you can always find something that offers an equal, if not better educational value, for a lower price.

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