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I am always looking for craft projects that are not only age appropriate for my toddler, but things that would be fun to do and neat to look back on in the future. I found all of these really neat craft ideas for Valentines Day that are actually appropriate for toddlers, and would make really neat decorations for the holiday in years to come. Some are Valentines your toddler can help make and give to others, whether it is a parent or another child in a classroom, daycare, or even a cousin! If you have any neat craft ideas for Valentines day, come by and link up your idea in the comment section of the post! A simple paint project that will hopefully look like a tree when you are done with the project with your toddler! It is a cute idea and becomes something you could use as a Valentines Day decoration for your house all year round.
Not only is it a neat craft project, but it also turns into a great idea for creative play!
I would love to make some of these and turn them into Valentines Day gifts for the kids in my toddlers class.
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This easy Valentine’s Day craft was inspired by these hole punch snowflakes we posted years ago.
Check out these 14 wonderful books about love and friendship after you make these fantastic hole punch hearts Valentine’s Day craft! Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. Now, I am a firm believer of the fact that crafts should be fun and not forced, so I decided to use her destructive side to my benefit.

Wash the paint off your child’s palm and dry thoroughly. Let your tot tear the crepe paper into small pieces.
Roll it up into tiny balls. Once you have got a handful of both colors, mix the two different colored balls. While your kiddo is busy stamping, cut out two hearts, one on crepe and the other on paper. Make your kiddo wear an apron or make sure he is wearing clothes that are appropriate for playing with paint. Hope all you mommies and kiddos will have fun making this Valentine’s day craft for toddlers in the form of a card for loved ones. A stay at home mom for a feisty 19 month old named Ahaana, Chitra Santosh has rekindled her romance with words once again now.
Big A, my very discerning girl when it comes to a€?acceptinga€? play invitations was curious to find out what we are going to make with rolls again. We started off gluing the tissue paper on the paper roll and then switched to just rolling the tissue paper on the paper tube and folding the edges inside the 2 holes of the roll.
We are having a great time making Valentine’s day crafts and have a few more to share.
What I love about these hearts aren’t just that they are pretty , they are so simple and are a craft that you can put down and start dinner, run to the bust stop to pick up a sibling, or put away until the next day. My daughter will love this as she loves anything crafty, but I think even my son will enjoy this too.
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Instead of just instructing her on the process of creating a butterfly, I set out the materials and had her think how we can make one. If you love play based learning and enjoy doing activities with your kids, Pinterest truly is the place to be: For parents, educators and care-givers. Using a hold punch is a wonderful tool for building hand strength but make sure you have the right size punch that your child can maneuver to avoid any frustration.
Now if I can just keep my 1 year old from eating all the small circles from the hole punch.
But there was just one issue, she is currently walking around with her destructive mode on, so I wasn’t sure as to how to proceed. I have found that with an adult directed craft activity, involving the kids in the process discussion is a great way to extend their attention span and enthusiasm in the activity. Since this craft was a very involved fine motor activity I helped Big A through out the way with the knife slits, taping the antennae inside the paper roll etc, so sorry no action shots.
You will also need some painter’s tape to hang them up without leaving too much gunk on your walls or windows.
We decided we were a heart factory and the kids punched most of the holes and Mama tied on the ribbon. This year, I have decided not to give my husband any cards, instead the card will be from our daughter.

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