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Printing heart: One of the easiest activities for your toddlers is to give a thick paper rolled and folded in such a way that when one end is dipped in color and printed on a piece of paper should resemble a heart. Heart-shaped Greeting Card: Here is one way of making a heart-shaped greeting card for kids. Palm and Foot Print Greeting Card: Here’s another simple greeting card craft idea for toddlers and kids. Another Hand and Foot Print Greeting: Here’s another variation of the hand and foot printing card which is easy to make for your kids.
Cup Butterfly Craft for Valentine’s Day: To make this craft, all you need are paper cup, a heart-shaped lollipop, a pair of eyes and crafted wings for the butterfly. Heart Crafts: Here are some easy to make heart-shaped crafts, actually heart-shaped smileys.
I Love You This Much: Here is a simple card that conveys the literal expression that most kids use in their vocabulary. Thumb Print Valentine Craft: Here’s a simple craft that your toddler can make it very easily. You are the Purr-Fect Valentine: Here is a Purr-Fect Valentine craft for those feline lovers. Hand Print Heart Tree: A simple Valentine craft for your child, this can be made with little effort. Involving me and my husband we have owned much more MP3 players through the years than I can count, such as Sansas, iRivers, iPods (typical & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc.
I simply want to mention I’m beginner to blogging and site-building and truly loved this web-site.
I just want to mention I am just newbie to blogging and site-building and seriously savored this web blog. I simply want to say I am new to blogging and site-building and really loved you’re web blog.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All you need is safe color (preferably dark pink), a large sheet of craft paper and a sketch pen.
Glue the wings to the cup and on top of the cup, make a hole so that you can insert the lollipop into it. This is a simple butterfly with wings shaped like heart.  You’d need heart shaped color papers, few very small hearts that can be used to decorate the wings of the butterfly.
All you need is a color paper which can accommodate three heart shapes and a trunk of the elephant. We wont forget the Minions from Despicable Me that easily and what a great way to make a Valentine craft for your special one.
All you need is a Monkey’s face, few bananas made from playing dough and a cardboard strip that has the message, “Im Bananas For You”.

All you need are new candies with wrappers, a heart, a stick to attach the butterfly wings and strip of paper for the antennae of butterfly. All you need are hand shaped cuttings of paper to form the trunk and branches of the tree, while the hearts form the leaves of the tree.
All you need is a heart, and four paper strips folded, you also need four small hearts that make up the hands and feet of the heart. I love that both of my girls were able to do this craft together and send them off to family. I promise you, your child will love you forever for those moments and grow up happy, confident and loved!
There are a ton of cute homemade Valentines that are perfect for your toddler that involve something as easy as handprint art to some gorgeous watercolor artwork. Some of these are some of our own that I’ve done with the kids and other are from some of my favorites from around the web!
Handprint Monkey Valentine –  Super cute and the clever quote is perfect for this card! Valentine’s Day Shaving Cream Cards – Who know shaving cream could make something so pretty!
Footprint Race Car Valentine – One of my sons favorites that we shared with you last week! Handprint Hearts with Poem – This includes a printable that comes with a sweet poem on the back of the card that you can download here on Mrs.
Valentine Handprint Card – Another cute handprint card for the perfect keepsake for the grandparents! Let your toddler express their love on Valentines day using these free printable Valentines day craft templates put together by Kidz Activities. Then brush water based paint on your little one’s hand (or feet) depending on the free printable Valentines template you choose.
If you do, post your poem in the comments section below and we will create a designed template just for your own poem. Cut the shapes and attach them so that one heart will become the head, the other two hearts will become the ears and don’t forget to glue the trunk to the elephants head.
If you happen to have a number of papers in different colors and textures, then most of your work is done.
Stick a few on the outside of the box and place them all inside and gift this box to the person you like very much.
For this Monsters Valentine Craft, you’ll need plain or empty greeting cards, few color papers glitter strips and googly eyes.
Wrap an elastic band tightly in the middle of the candy wrapper and run it through the stick as well.
All you need are a lollipop with wrapper intact, hearts made from foam or you can make them at home using paper or cardboard.

All you need are colored paper strips You can use either one color or mix different colors for a change. All you need are heart shaped cuttings of color papers, a cutting shaped like a big drop, a googly eye and glitter paper.  After cutting the shapes, use the drop cutting as the base. In the alligator’s mouth, stick a note that says, “I’d Snap At The Chance To Be Your Valentine”. Making this Love Bug is very easy and it requires just a handful of things like heart shaped pieces, few pieces of color paper for legs and some glitter for decoration.
Cut the papers into heart shapes and stick them in such a way so that the larger piece will become the body of the owl , while the small hearts will resemble the head of the owl and smaller heart pieces will become its beak and feet.
You need to cut these papers into heart shapes and run a thread through them and tie the ends. On one card, you could glue a heart and stick some googly eyes and make the cards pleasantly wonderful.
Color the flower vase and for the heart, you can use many colors as you want, but use only fingers. Now, glue the two hearts on the drop, one on each side of the drop and the shape of the fish emerges. Now, stick another heart in the centre resembling the nose and also stick two googly eyes at the top. Stick the black heart at the bottom side of the red heart and you almost have the Lady Bug ready. Take a color paper and cut it into heart shape and write “You’re One In a Minion” on the paper and stick it to the Minion.
Cut pieces of heart from different colored papers and stick them on to another drawing paper with a drawing of a hot air balloon. For the butterfly’s face, get some googly eyes.  For the antennae you can use greeting card strips and color them accordingly. Take two strips of one color and staple them and gently bend them in the opposite direction, you’ll see a heart shape emerging. And best of all, mum, dad or gran are left with a wonderful memento of how small their little one’s hands (or feet) once were. One either of the cards, write “I Love You…” on the outside and on the strip write “This Much”.
At the bottom, take two other pieces and repeat the process, until a large garland of hearts is formed.

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