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Why is your child -- who seems perfectly normal -- all of the sudden banging his head on the wall every time he gets mad?
My son is almost a year and a half old, and has started to bang his head on the wall or the floor when he's mad or frustrated. Believe it or not, this behavior is very normal in a pre-verbal child, especially in a boy. Given how hard kids can bang their heads, it's hard to imagine but head banging is generally not dangerous to your child, and normally does not indicate that he has autism or another neurological or psychological disorder.

As for where he would learn to bang his head without a "role model" -- it is probably something he figured out all on his own. It is one of your jobs as a parent to help your son more properly channel his anger or frustration. If -- overall -- your son is happy and accomplishing regular milestones of development there is typically no need to worry. Assuming your son is otherwise healthy and happy, there is not much too that you can do as parents to help except to keep him safe until he is ready to give up banging his head. In the meantime, during head banging episodes, work to redirect your son to different activities, and perhaps teach him less hurtful ways to express his frustration (such as stomping his feet or yelling into a pillow). Finally, know that as your son's speech and language abilities increase, this head banging will very likely decrease. Since its first season premiere in 2009, the show has delighted and disgusted fans as parents dressed their tots and instructed them to act in ways that were, to put the criticisms mildly, not age-appropriate. As her daughter screamed and trembled, the mother confided to the camera that her kid was scared because once a salon worker put on wax that was too hot, and tore off her skin.

At not quite 18 months old, your son does not have the verbal skills to express his frustration with the realities of the world and his own limitations, so he makes his feelings of displeasure clearly known to you. It should remind us of how innate it is for humans to express our frustration in any way we can. You can start by having other activities ready for your son which are less frustrating to him, so when he starts banging his head, you can focus his attention on a better option. However, if the head-banging increases in severity or frequency, or accompanies other odd behavior, sadness or developmental delays, I recommend speaking to your child's physician. When the horrifying scene was over, the girl was shaking in pain and crying, as her mum said, “There! You and your partner are brilliant not to express your horror at your son's head banging, because this non-reaction will help to decrease this behavior.

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