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Bushbabys are small, nocturnal primates native to continental Africa, and make up the family Galagidae. A tired Jen makes her way to the bathroom only to be cut off by Jonesy, who is not tired despite their new baby half-sister, Emma Jr., crying nonstop the entire night.
Wyatt's introduced to Wayne, who now works at Burger McFlipster's after Underground Video closed. At Burger McFlipster's, Wyatt teaches Wayne how to use the cash register, then punches in the cost for a veggie burger for a customer.
Strolling down the mall, Nikki struggles to keep the baby carrier up, and asks Caitlin where Jonesy is. As Nikki and Jen walk down the mall to find Jonesy, Nikki reveals her nightmares to Jen but does not reveal that they are about Darth. At Burger McFlipster's, Wayne starts hitting on a customer as Tim arrives, so Wyatt suggests that Wayne sings, only for him to demand that the jingles are removed. Jen sees Jude and Jonesy by the ice rink, but they do not know where Emma is, prompting them to ask the rest of the gang for help.
Later that day, Jen and Nikki are talking on the phone, during which Jen reveals that managed to make it home in time with Emma before their parents did. Goof: Caitlin tells Nikki that she can do so much better than Darth, but Nikki is already in a relationship with Jonesy.
Of course, Caitlin might have interpreted this as Nikki thinking that Darth was better than Jonesy.
Galagos have large eyes that give them good night vision, strong hind limbs, acute hearing, and long tails that help them balance.
It aired in Canada on Teletoon on September 24, 2009 and in the United States on Cartoon Network on April 19, 2010. Wyatt then suggests that Wayne watches the training video, but Wayne has already done so and enjoyed watching it, much to Tim's pleasure.
Wayne, however, confronts the customer for his order, claiming that many vegetables were "killed" to make a veggie burger, causing him to run off. After Jen admits that she once had a hot dream about Wayne, they run into Wyatt and Emma, and Wyatt reveals that Caitlin left Emma with him and offers to take her to Jonesy to avoid Wayne. Wyatt draws attention to Wayne, who gets nervous when the customers wait for him to sing, so Wyatt hands a book to Wayne. As they run, Jen "fires" Jonesy and Jonesy "fires" Jude, who also gets fired from driving the Zamboni due to the incident.
Nikki also reveals that after watching all the security tapes, there's no signs of a shoplifter--she and Jen figure that Chrissy simply miscounted the inventory. If I've learned one thing from taking care of baby dolls, it's that when you tip them back, their eyes shut and they go to sleep."(Caitlin tips Emma backwards.
Jonesy fires him first, from his assistance job, and he momentarily gets called on his cell phone, only to get notified about him being fired from driving the Zamboni. We had taken this picture from the web that we believe would be probably the most representative images for the 10 best nurse brain sheets scrubs the leading.
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They have nails on most of their digits, except for the second toe of the hindfoot, which bears a 'toilet' claw for grooming. Jonesy briefly comes out of the bathroom and questions if Jen can handle it, offering to watch Emma Jr.
Tim suggests keeping up the good work then Burger McFlipster's could be in Wayne's hands, yet Wayne goes on break just after Tim walks off, claiming that Tim loves him. Wyatt asks his boss, Tim, to back him up for Wayne's behavior, but Tim notes that the veggie burgers do not bring in many customers, then considers taking it off the menu and congratulates Wayne again much to Wyatt's chagrin. Wayne turns out to be a not-so-good singer, causing the customers to leave and Tim to finally give Wayne the cold shoulder.
After Jude claims that Ron found a baby driving the Zamboni, the gang rushes over to Ron's office, where they see Ron nurturing Emma. After hanging up, Jen goes to take a nap, Nikki goes to tell Chrissy about the videos, and Jonesy (who was sleeping with his head in Nikki's lap during the conversation) ends up having a hot dream about Darth in a Princess Leia-costume. Jude is the only character besides Nikki to have been fired twice in one episode (this happened in Welcome to the Darth Side). Their diet is a mixture of insects and other small animals, fruit, and tree gums.According to some accounts, the name bush baby comes from either the animal's cries or appearance. Elsewhere, Jen gives Emma Junior to Jonesy, but as Jen leaves, Jonesy calls her "Poopy Pants" and puts on the carrier upside down, causing her to cry as she hangs upside down. Meanwhile, Jonesy strolls down the mall with Emma Junior, but she cries yet again, causing Jonesy to complain as Jude arrives and notes Emma Junior's constant crying.
Caitlin promises to confide, so Nikki tells her about her hot dreams about Darth, but insists that she is not into him. At the ice rink, Jonesy sees that Wyatt has Emma, so Wyatt gives Emma to Jonesy only for her to start crying. Jude interprets Emma and Emma reveals (through Jude) that Jen's mom was a little nervous about leaving the baby with her, due to Jen's lack of experience with actually having a younger sibling (which Jonesy gloats about). Just after he wakes up and falls off the sofa, Nikki returns and asks him what happened, but he refuses to disclose the incident. The South African name nagapie comes from the fact they are almost exclusively seen at night.There has been much recent study of the Galagidae. Jen looks forward to having a fun day with her new sister, but starts having her doubts when Emma Jr.
Jen then questions if Jonesy's capable of babysitting Emma, but Jonesy claims he is fit for the job.
Jonesy attempts to calm her down with a pacifier, but she spits it out and continues crying. Jude lets Emma sit on the Zamboni, which gets her to stop crying, so Jonesy hires Jude to be a substitute babysitter for a cut of his profits. But Emma adds that Jen's at least way more responsible than Jonesy (which Jen gloats about). Several new species have been discovered, and they are now grouped into three genera, with the two former members of the now defunct genus Galagoides returned to their original genus Galago. After Jen leaves, Jonesy starts playing a videogame, and his gesutres and hollers while playing the game make Emma start crying again.
Jude figures that Emma probably misses her mom, and asks if he's got any "other moms." Jonesy says he just has Jen, but he refuses to let her know that he can't handle babysitting their sister--he then decides to give Emma to Nikki. Wyatt accidentally reveals Nikki's nightmares about Darth to Jude and Jonesy, causing them to laugh until Jude suggests that Nikki may actually be interested in Darth. After Jen leaves, Nikki assures Jonesy that she's not into Darth and that Jonesy himself is the only guy she's interested in. While they're in the living room, Jen tries calming her sister down by giving her milk, but falls asleep while doing so.
While in a back room at the Khaki Barn, Nikki falls asleep while watching the security tapes, and ends up having another hot dream about Darth.

At The Big Squeeze, Nikki confronts Caitlin for telling Wyatt about her nightmares, but Darth hears about Nikki's dreams, causing him to get cocky and start spreading the lie that she's into him. But just as Jude interprets one, he accidentally pushes the lever on the Zamboni, causing it to roll away and Ron to catch Emma and think she is driving. There, Nikki tries to fold clothes but cannot get her mind off the nightmare involving her being attracted to Darth.
Nikki threatens to wring Darth's neck, only for Darth to claim she cannot get her hands off him, causing Nikki to get even more infuriated. As Ron gets his walkie-talkie to report Emma, he hears Emma cooing, serving as a distraction for Ron as he finds it cute..
Since Jen can't get her sister to calm down and stop crying, she decides to call Nikki, claiming that she likes babies. Chrissy calls Kristen, Kirten and Nikki over for a meeting, which involves missing inventory. While Nikki's cooing over the baby, Jonesy explains the situation, but leaves while Nikki's too engrossed in Emma. Back at the ice rink, Jude becomes a "baby whisperer," claiming that Emma told him that she thinks Nikki's Darth-dreams are actually nightmares. At Stereo Shack, Nikki sees Darth telling stories about her hot dreams and throws a coffee cup at his head. Meanwhile, Nikki wakes up from a nightmare about Darth when Jen calls, then tells her about the nightmare as Emma Junior cries. Nikki's then asked to watch every security tape over the week, then accepts the task upon seeing Darth.
When she finally looks, she sees Kristen and Kirsten looking at her--Nikki yells a threat at them, but this makes Emma start crying.
Nikki then threatens to beat up Darth and throws another cup, sending him all the way back and causing him to crash into a set of speakers.
Coach Halder then calls Jen, asking her to cover a shift, so Jen calls Jonesy to watch their sister. Back at Burger McFlipster's, Wyatt shows Wayne the jingles he is supposed to sing as customers walk in, but Wayne feels that the songs are terrible and laughs when he hears that Wyatt composed those songs. Once at the Penalty Box, Nikki hides behind the checkout counter, then explains to Jen that she is hiding from Darth and Emma is now with Caitlin. Jonesy, however, wants 50% of her wages in return, but Jen's able to negotiate it down to 25%.
Jen then hangs up on Jonesy afterwards, then does the same with Coach Halder after saying yes to the shift, but unknowingly hangs up on Nikki, who then hangs up. Caitlin runs to Burger McFlipster's covered in vomit and crying as loud as Emma, much to the annoyance of Wyatt and the customers.
As Wayne takes another break, Caitlin explains the situation but also talks about Nikki's nightmares about Darth.
Wyatt tries to comfort Emma, only for her to wail very loudly, so he tries playing the guitar, which soothes her enough to make her stop crying. Caitlin then leaves Emma with Wyatt to clean up the barf, but as Wyatt stops playing, Emma starts crying again, forcing him to continue playing.
Wayne and Tim return to see Wyatt playing for Emma while the restaurant has no customers, so Wyatt leaves with Emma to find Jonesy.

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