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Every time they named a ship after some piece of shit republican president, my boss would get all puffed up and say "See? It wouldn't be the first time Americans were up to their ears in crap thanks to Cheney cronies.
It's because they would not go the extra mile and get the $150,000 seat for the toilets from Boeing.
What's the over-under on a conservative commentator blaming this on the repeal of DADT leading to large numbers of used prophylactics being flushed after gay orgies on the ship?
The good news is that if they don't have condoms they are using breadbags for protection.
You do have to wonder why they need a vaccum system on a carrier … does gravity not work?

Yowza, it do, but on the sea uphill can quickly become downhill and then the shit hits the fan the flushed turds unflush themselves, often like a fountain.
Oh, just imagine what water in and around San Diego harbor and the docks at Norfolk be like. Sailors tell of combing the ship for up to an hour to find a place to do their business, if they can find one at all.
Those poor sailors whose buttocks were being subjected to such extreme abuse started flushing-down their charming sailor's hats to protest their assault. Everyone is required to take their dumps just forward of the steam catapult that launches the planes. Oh and one time he had a war in Iraq, but that was lame because it only lasted a few days and didn’t kill a million people and there was no Abu Ghraib torture pornography.

Bush has grappled with widespread toilet outages, at times rendering the entire ship without a single working head.
Others have resorted to urinating in showers or into the industrial sinks in their work stations.
Some men are using bottles and emptying the contents over the giant ship’s side, while some women are holding it in for so long that they are developing health problems, according to sources on the ship.

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