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But how to accomplish all this without having to part crowds like Moses and deal with the yammer of the multitudes? Rolando Tolentino, columnist and dean of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, tweeted yesterday: “Pag umaapaw ang aligaga na kahit ang usual treat-to-self ay di na umuubra, panahon nang pisikal na pagtakas. Last December I took my two daughters with me for a tranquil yet creatively stimulating week in Baguio City. Paintings, sculptures, and antique wood carvings fill National Artist Ben Cabrera’s BenCab museum; its basement shelters Cafe Isabel and overlooks foliage-blanketed hills as fog rolls across your field of vision. Along Session Road, visit Namaste at Porto Vaga for bespoke crystal bracelets and Buddhist artwork from Nepal.
At Hotel Elizabeth along Gibraltar Road, enter a state of Zen at Bliss Cafe, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at Cafe by the Ruins on Chuntug Road. The people of Victory Liner are kind and helpful – the kids and I wound up at the wrong terminal, and the people there called ahead to the right one to let us know we were on the way to catch our bus. For accommodations, book reservations online for the Microtel Inn right beside Victory’s Baguio City terminal.

Take your journey, the one that will help you rediscover your balance, gain peace, and recharge your soul. Last December 17, typhoon Sendong obliterated entire communities in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City, leaving over 3,000 persons dead and missing and 342,000 more displaced and homeless, living in tent cities or barangay sports courts. Psycho-social intervention helps by coaching survivors in stress-relief techniques based on yoga and proper breathing.
Wayne will sing opera and Lissa Broadway hits, in a duel of style and sound at the Isla Ballroom, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Manila. Sip a cup of hot Benguet Arabica while you meditate on nature and art coming together in one enchanted dell.
Sit and read at Mountain Cloud bookshop, then walk a few steps to Hill Station restaurant next door for apple pie and more coffee. Victory Liner has a fleet of airconditioned buses bound for points north; the deluxe ones have an on-board toilet and acres of legroom. When we arrived photo-finish, puffing and panting, only smiles greeted us as willing hands reached out to stow our luggage in the cargo hold and guide us into our seats.
The food is great, the breakfast chef cooks your eggs the way you like it, and there is free-flowing coffee in the lobby.

There is an increase in incidences of teenage pregnancy, incest, and rape, especially in the tent cities. To help continue sustaining the Art of Living trauma relief workshops being conducted in the area, Hongkong-based opera singer Wayne Yeh and international theater performer Lissa Romero-de Guia will be singing on March 26 at the “Opera vs. Stress-wrecked grownups who can’t calm down despite the regular inuman with friends or coffee-shop me-times want to reclaim their inner peace. It’s still a magical place, channeling a Buddhist vibe of serenity despite the burgeoning pollution, construction, and population explosion.
At Chocolate sa Batirol open-air cafe at Camp John Hay, even the stumps of trees that serve as seats are gaily painted with words and figures.

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