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I'm Anne & here to help you improve your health and save money by growing your own nutrient-dense food in small spaces. I use this handy guide to find out the optimal days each month to plant, propagate, prune & fertilise. Why buy new when you can DIY and save money?  Need a little inspiration to get your garden started in a container?  Check out what some amazingly creative people around the globe have used to grow a garden in – just about everything! This old desk school desk has a new life in the garden as an edible planter filled with luscious lettuces, shallots and colourful flowers.
Stuck for where to start?  Looking for inspiration for what to grow your next garden in?  Look no further! Here’s a list of objects, furniture, fashion and household items just waiting for a new life in your garden. Lunch boxes and plastic cutlery holders from an old dishwasher or off the kitchen sink when washing up. This tin can has been converted into an attractive metal hanging planter and filled with flowers. Used tin cans from the pantry – If you think this tin can planter garden looks great as a DIY project, visit Centsationalgirl’s blog which has all the instructions on how to make one of your own. This three-tiered wire spice rack has been filled with moss and mini succulents and makes great use of vertical space. Colanders are well suited to stand alone planters or being converted to hanging baskets with a little chain or rope.
This brassy look colander is teamed up well with flowers and makes a decorative and practical planter. Ovenware and bakeware – turn a bread pan into a cute window planter like the one below with a succulent garden. This neat little repurposed kitchen sink project has been mounted on rocks as a feature planter.
Plastic containers (not recycle numbers 3, 6 or 7 though!) – read more about choosing safe containers for food gardens. Inventive gardener Denise had holes drilled in these crock pots by her hubby to make attractive planters by the front door. Baby change tables – with a shelf below and a place where you can remove the soft mat from the top, these make ideal potting benches or shelves on which to put other planters. Chairs – when the seat breaks or needs refurbishing, use this as an opportunity to create a garden planter.
This small bath tub has been painted with ducks and flowers for a kid’s garden planter. The cylinder from a washing machine has been used as a modern looking cache pot for a plant.
Wire waste baskets and rubbish bins – with good depth and often fine wire mesh for drainage, they just need lining and potting mix to start a micro garden. Laundry peg baskets – make great hanging baskets as they come with ready made drainage and handle for hanging. On the left is an old roasting pan and to the right is a baby bath – both reinvented as planters filled with pansies. Children’s toys such as dump trucks and wagons make great planters as they have space in the top for micro gardens.

This metal wire basket has been lined with coconut fibre to hold moisture and planted out with colourful fuschias. Prams with the hood removed or folded down for maximum sunlight suit those of you wanting meals on wheels. This old metal wash basin has been revamped as a planter, filled with attractive plants and even some terracotta pot garden art! Don’t think fashion is relevant in the garden?  Think again with these inspirational  (and unusual) ideas! Clothes!  Couldn’t resist including this one from Violet Alone – how many of you are brave enough to hang a garden out in your lingerie? Bags and baskets – just get creative with whether they become the planter or hold another pot inside.
Once outgrown, these cute little white children’s sneakers make perfect pots for the garden.
Rachel Mahlke, an artist from California transforms old stiletto heels collected from her friends and thrift stores, into extraordinary planters with cacti and other succulents.  First she removes the top of the shoe and then sands it, drills holes for drainage and finally plants a cactus in a mixture of natural and organic fertilizers and soil.
Shoe racks – why not repurpose one into a great planter like this one from Apartment Therapy or watch a video on how to make your own vertical garden for growing strawberries in a canvas shoe rack.
Hats – many come with a neck strap and can be filled with potting mix and plants, then hang the strap up on a hook for a hanging basket. Clean out your garage, look in the garden, poke around in the shed or garage sale and you’re sure to find some useful items that can be repurposed as planters. Reusing old timber logs that are not housing wildlife is another fun project for those looking for a free sustainable planter.
When the bottom of the wheelbarrow gives way, the depth and angle of the barrow makes a great planter with a few drainage holes.
Planted out with complementary colours, this bright red toolbox makes a great home for low maintenance succulents. Old bicycle baskets hooked onto the handlebars (flowers look great in these repurposed planters).
Old suitcases – when they get too battered and bruised from travelling, give them a well deserved rest in the garden as a planter or as storage for garden supplies. The above photos show a 20ft one trip container converted for use as a toilet and laundry block for the oil service industry in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.
Building houses from shipping containers is not new, but I think this might be the first company I have seen that builds smaller homes that are environmentally friendly and can be secured tight like a tiny little bunker. Ecopods are built from recycled 8×20 steel shipping containers transformed into living, working and high end display spaces. The Toronto based company wanted to go even further with this ethos, so they incorporated rubber flooring recycled from shredded car tires into the design as well as an entire range of off-grid options including a solar-powered refrigerator, XM radio and 12V lighting and wall outlets powered from a roof-mounted solar panel.
The ecopod started its life as a shipping container and traveled most likely half-way around the globe before being converted into the Ecopod. We first cut one twenty-foot side out of the shipping container and re-manufactured that steel wall into a deck that was then hinged back to the unit with six custom-designed offset hinges that allow the deck to lay flat and fit into its original position when closed.
Our intention was to give someone the option of enjoying a recreational property while creating a very low environmental footprint. The Ecopod comes complete with all above-mentioned conveniences and finishes, all for a price of $26,650.00 CDN dollars.

What attracted me to the Ecopod was that it was not too expensive for a heavy duty self-contained space, and that you can completely close it up to protect it from animals, weather, vandalism and break-ins.
For Tiny House Blog readers who live in the Toronto area, you can view the Ecopod this month at the Green Living Show on April 24-26. Ecopods are from a Canadian company, and take the green refab shipping container living space to a new level. I recently lived in a room that was about 18 feet by 10 feet wide here in Los Angeles, and paid about $800 for that pleasure a month. It's laminated, easy to use, works all over the world + the bonus mini companion planting chart makes it a practical gift. Softened with matching white cascading flowers they make a perfect pair as the plants chosen don’t dwarf the shoes.
The Ecopod is a transformed, designed built, multiple use, eco-friendly, building that promotes the best use of portability, off grid power supply capabilities and low environmental footprint. Even the composting toilet requires very little maintenance and costs a fraction of the traditional septic bed system. When the added hinged deck is raised the Ecopod maintains both the strength and proportions of its predecessor. The deck is fairly heavy, so we engineered a 12V winch apparatus that has a lifting capacity of at least 4000lbs – its 12 volt battery takes its power from the solar panel. The Ecopod can be used as a stand alone unit working off the grid or in conjunction with established building or cottage sites. Porcelain is long lasting and with built in drainage, their prior lives could be concealed behind other plants or a bamboo screen around the base. If you are leaving the Ecopod for an extended period of time, you can close the deck by flipping the electrical panel switch to supply the power to the 12 volt winch and the door closes by means of a handheld remote control. It takes about a minute to close and with the back doors locked, the pod is again returned to the form and strength of the original container.There is no conventionally-constructed building on the market that can compare to the strength and durability of the Ecopod.
The interior and exterior floor surfaces are covered with a product that looks very similar to cork flooring but is made from recycled car tires. This product has excellent interior and exterior performance qualities and is both impervious to water and easy to keep clean. The entire wall and ceiling cavities have been spray-foam insulated with the latest environmentally-friendly soya insulation available on the market today.
All interior walls come clear-coat birch finished with a hidden fastening system and trimmed with aluminum. The front sliding glass doors and front glass side panels are double-glazed thermal pane units that allow you to enjoy all season weather conditions.
We have equipped the pod with two electrical wall outlets that can supply power from the 12 volt battery through the inverter or are switchable to 120volts should you have access to either house or generator power.

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