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This is chrome plated metal, so it makes a great replacement for a broken plastic toilet flush handle. Several weeks back, one of my friends Twanna was telling me about how on a few occasions she’s been chatted up by a guy only to glance down and realise that his wedding band is in his pocket. If you’re dating and have a genuine desire to be in a mutual fulfilling healthy relationship, with love, care, trust, and respect that has more than the hallmarks of a relationship and actually has the landmarks, you need to have your code amber and red awareness in full effect and be operating your flush handle. The person that’s drunk before the date has started or is drunk by the time the meal arrives and is drunk on all subsequent dates.
It’s when they spend the date on their phone texting other people or looking over your shoulder at their next target.
From the moment you give room to shady, inappropriate behaviour, you’re taking a big slide down a slippery slope.
Know your boundaries, recognise amber and red signals, and stop fearing hitting the flush handle on inappropriate behaviour.
Operating your Mental Flush Handle requires you to have an honest conversation with you and to acknowledge your needs and values, and more importantly to acknowledge your discomfort and boundaries and what that means about the person or what you envisioned for the relationship. Check out my ebooks the No Contact Rule and Mr Unavailable & The Fallback Girl and more in my bookshop. Almost from the beginning, this situation was doomed but because I had no boundaries or a healthy self-esteem, I kept ignoring red flags. Looking back, I feel ashamed that I ignored all the signs and actually was faithful to him.
As for the lows you talked about stooping to, don’t feel ashamed, because you were with a man that amounts to the lowest of the low.

Then I found out that my adult son answered one of her calls and she proceeded to tell him that I slept around amongst other garbage. Do you think I am wrong for not at least telling him that I was done with him and would be starting no contact?
I can top you all……1st date, guy take off his shoe under the table while we were eating dinner and put his naked foot on mine (I was wearing sandals! On a first date sitting in a resturant a man told me if I wanted to put my feet up on his chair in between his legs to keep them warm it was ok because I had mentioned it was cold in the resturant. I went on a sailing date (stupid already), he kept calling me his ex girlfriends name, starting crying, told me his whole sob story and said he couldn’t understand why she got a restraining order on him. This little bathroom butler is the cutest thing I've ever seen holding a roll of toilet paper (excluding my beagle holding it in her mouth shortly before shredding it into a million tiny bits). Remember that when you know what your line is, others know what your line is because they’re not over it or busting it up.
Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way. Then a couple min later he did it again and I realized he was playing pool in a bar while he was talking to me. We ended up with a few hours to kill in the course of his errand, as we were waiting we went into a little diner. He all but came out and told you he’s experienced with traveling to foreign countries to solicit prostitutes. We’d only emailed a few times, and I was thinking of meeting him for a coffee, as he seemed like a decent guy.
We were in stitches laughing and along with my friend Laura we proceeded to tell more stories and then hold our arms out and make the flush noise.

Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you. If he isn’t contacting you, then great, easier for you to go NC with an ex-boyfriend that you still seem to be keeping tabs on. He couldv’e simply told you so, and call you later when he was finished to have a proper conversation with you! After his meal he made a point of *literally* turning his pockets out in order to leave a fat tip for the waitress, saying that she deserves it, as she works hard (as if I don’t).
Not to even mention his obvious insensitivity and grand generalizations… I think we all need to just be glad for they guys who aren’t clever enough to hide their issues so we can get rid of them faster! Now I can't help but wonder how many people are walking around hiding toilet paper under their hats.
Strange how some men are proud of their fetishes and wear them around like a badge of honor.
I did respond to him that I haven’t even met him yet and it was WAAAAY to soon and inappropriate for him to be bringing up sex to me. He had the nerve to write back and tell me I was uptight and that he wasn’t bringing it up.

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