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Your cloth diaper dunking days are over the minute you invest in the new Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer.
Made with an all brass, chrome-plated t-connector and pressure control valve, the Aquaus Diaper Sprayer has a long lasting ceramic core valve to improve performance and durability! The Aquaus diaper sprayer also includes a new StayFlex 54" long, stainless steel, high-pressure spray hose.
The Aquaus 360 Diaper Sprayer EASILY INSTALLS because it connects directly to the flusher threads of the toilet tank, creating a stable connection and making it easier to turn the pressure control valve off with just one hand.
Like we said above, this is an easily installation and a plumber is absolutely unnecessary. Adjust the water pressure coming out of the multi-hole jet spray with the pressure control valve settings. Made in the USA with domestic and global components, the Aquaus Mini Shower Sprayer is the perfect way to reduce cloth diaper stains and keep you from the dreaded task of dunking baby's messy diapers before tossing them into the cloth diaper pail to await laundry day!
Diaper Rite ™ Prefold diapers are made from the durable, heavyweight, unbleached 100% "Indian" cotton twill, these tagless prefolds become softer and more quilted in time.
The leakproof, reusable and PVC FREE Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liners are tall enough and wide enough to fit nearly any cloth diaper pail!

The 32 ounce Foaming Action Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator comes in a ready-to-use, foaming action sprayer! Wasn't planning on purchasing the diaper sprayer at first because I was trying to see if I could just get away with using a squirt bottle to clean the diapers. This is my first sprayer, and I've found it to be invaluable to get the diapers and cloth wipes clean of any visible residue! I can't comment on the installation because my husband installed it, but I make sure to turn off the valve after each use to prevent leaks like the instructions say to do.
We got this diaper sprayer in December 2015 and I wanted to wait a couple months before writing a review. Before I used this, I'd dunk and swish and try to wash in the sink, but not getting the residue out and they would frequently stain, but now there is no visible residue. It took some practice to learn to spray without getting backsplash, but now I have my method down. When I first started I would just rinse the diapers in the toilet bowl I didn't mind but wanted something to get the dirty work done faster.
StayFlex hose has the perfect spray pressure for easily rinsing cloth diapers while being only 10.5mm round making it the smallest diameter stainless steel sprayer hose ever made.

I actually hold the top of the prefold and put the rest resting against the inside side of the toilet bowl. I'd recommend getting the spray pal as a shield because the water pressure is very strong and will splash everywhere. I think it helps to get the diaper clean faster with the diaper laying against the bowl, and all splashing just stays in the toilet. I do make sure to turn it off when not in use and I clear the line of water after I turn it off. Potty training pants are a fun and secure way to help your child take the next step to potty training.
These reusable toilet training pants are famous the world over and very useful when your child decides it is time to toilet train. Disposable Toilet Training Pants x20 pairAU $10.000 bids2 Packets, one in original packing, the second has been opened and then plastic wrapped.

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