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Discover easy & creative spring crafts that will help your kids appreciate the great outdoors.
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When you have no idea what to get for a birthday, why not send a roll of our Personalized Birthday Toilet Paper instead of a regular card? We have a fabulous selection of gifts you really can make, because we provide you with patterns, templates and instructions that you really can understand.

After the base color dries you can draw details or even glue on glitter, sequins or sew some buttons on etc. From Fairy Gardens in Mason Jars to Terracotta Windchimes – you’ll have loads of fun making these easy to make crafts for your children!
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If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. You can personalize the poem’s title to add  a particular name or relation, and you can reuse the file again and again, changing the title when necessary…How frugal, yet practical, is that?  All you need is a roll of toilet paper, some wrapping paper, and our PDF file to make an unforgettable Birthday gift!

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