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The baby rescued from a fourth-floor apartment toilet in China is a newborn baby that was discovered when alarmed neighbors heard the baby’s cries and saw a tiny foot inside a ceramic toilet bowl. As of Monday night, no one has come forward to claim the baby or provide information about the baby that was rescued from the pipe with its afterbirth still attached.
After the baby was discovered by neighbors living in the apartment complex in the Chinese city of Jinhua, they called the fire department. Firefighters tried to rescue the baby by pulling the baby out of the toilet but when they were unable to do so, they went to the apartment floor below and sawed off a whole section of the sewer pipe.
When firefighters were still unable to rescue the baby from the pipe, they took the entire section of the pipe with the baby to a local hospital where firefighters and doctors took apart the pipe piece by piece. After an hour of careful and intensive work, the rescuers finally saw the tiny face of the newborn.

Police in China are searching for the parents of the newborn baby that was rescued from a sewage pipe and have issued an appeal on the social media website Weibo so that the parents can be reunited with their son. Tina BurgessSan Diego Top News ExaminerTina Burgess has lived in several countries in the world.
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Adele and The Weekend win big at 2016 Billboard Music AwardsThe T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was the setting for last night's 2016 Billboard Music Awards, hosted by Ciara and Ludacris. In a dramatic rescue mission, the baby was eventually peeled out of the sewage pipe at a hospital, reported CNN on May 27, 2013. Most of her family and friends still live in Germany and other countries including Italy, Mexico, India, the Philippines, Australia, and China.

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