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Aesthetic soft modern toilet seat built of wooden cores covered in durable white vinyl with an anti-bacterial agent and a UV-resistant additive. Thanks to faux marble painting, this toilet seat offers you a perfect balance between attractive look and attainability. Cleaning your toilet naturally ? cup baking soda 1 cup distilled white vinegar ? teaspoon tea tree essential oil Combine vinegar and essential oil in a small spray bottle. Bathroom Update: Easy Enhancers Paint or refinish the cabinet doors for a quick and easy update.

Shower Fresh A shower and toilet across from the vanities round out the bathroom space.
I love the deep cabinet on each side of a room allows for a single seat and a table in between.
12 Ideas for Bungalow Baths - Old-House Online ~ In a bathroom awash in earth-toned colors, white fixtures will stick out like a sore thumb.
Actually, each of them has become a favourite element of a lot of customers – what will be your opinion? Also, install a new toilet seat and add a few matching accessories such as towel bars and a toilet paper holder.

Keeping the existing fiberglass shower and buying a standard adjustable showerhead made the decision to update the glass shower door an easy one. Nothing irritates me more than having to turn the light on when I get up in the middle of the night to piss.

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