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The fact of the matter is that sometimes we just don't like to go to the toilet when we are out and about and especially so when we are on holidays. Well don't hold it in all day - just use these hygenic travel toliet covers wherever you are in the world and rest assured that you are protected. Small and light this packet of toilet covers will easily fit into your travel bag or bum bag and provide that extra assurance wherever you need to make that emergency dash to the toilets after that dodgy curry the night before. We have been selling online, travel accessories, travel goods and holiday essentials for over 7 years and have consistently provided our customers with the best customer service we can give. Find out why, when it comes to buying travel essentials - the 'Go Planet Go' Travel Accessory Store - is up there with the best. Says SheKnows blogger Minsun Park, "It’s not every day that I come across a beauty product that is extremely effective, easily obtainable and free." How easily obtainable?
For years, I've been wasting my money on tiny squares of oil blotting rice paper in elegant little packets. The upside of such oily skin is having the complexion of a 16-year-old, although I'm now 36. I was bemoaning my oily fate to my dermatologist one day when she suggested I try using the toilet seat covers in restrooms.
Initially, I was grossed out by the suggestion — having a toilet seat cover plastered to my face is not my idea of an elegant beauty treatment.

Long ago, while backpacking through Europe and encountering unspeakable public toilet horror on Italian trains and Greek bus stations, I perfected my patented, no-contact, hover method of using the potty. I decided to give the seat cover trick a try in a mall bathroom after a hot afternoon of shopping left me greasy and sweaty. So I stole a bunch of seat covers to stuff in my purse for touch-ups, and just hope that I never drop my purse in public and expose my petty theft of toilet seat covers. 5 Stars Toilet Seat Cover Anonymous from wrote (June 03, 2014): Like the ease of installation. I returned only because I bought the wrong size and have reordered an additional one.The gold leaf is beautiful very classy vintage looking 5 Stars Love the Gold Glitter Kathy F. The next time nature calls when youa€™re on the run, tell it to leave a message by equipping yourself with the potentially life-saving Emergency Toilet Seat Covers.
Greener choice — contains 100% total recycled content with 30% postconsumer recycled content. Since my complexion is the Exxon Valdez of oil slicks, I easily go through six of these itsy bitsy squares per blotting session. They're made out of the same rice paper, she said, and they're big — so one seat cover should do the trick. Crafted from resin, this decorative toilet seat and lid are transparent with bits of gold foil accents sealed inside.

They come in a convenient tin can and also make a great gift for your OCD friend or family member on your shopping list. Elongated toilet seat features seashells, seahorses, coral, and pebbles set inside transparent resin, giving this accent a remarkable intricacy. And remember, having a tin of Emergency Toilet Seat Covers handy may well be the only thing standing between you and an unspeakable dirty (and tragic) toilet bowl experience. If you have any questions about color, size, or material, please convo me before purchasing.
However, If you really have an issue about the purchased item, please contact me, and I’m sure we can work it out.
I am not responsible for any lost or damaged international orders once they have been shipped, unless you upgrade the shipping option. It is also solid and looks beautiful 1 Star Broken Arie Bakker from FL wrote (September 11, 2012): Product came broken. I deeply disappointed when I installed it and found it to be too short for my toilet, even though I ordered an elongated seat it din't fit.

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