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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. How on EARTH can he stand listening to the same story, told in the same voice, by the same person every single night?!
Consistency, routine and predictability is your best friend when it comes to potty training.
The art of potty training is breaking it down into simple steps and repeating them over and over – and over again. After a few minutes (or seconds, depending on his mood) let him get down, even if the potty is empty.
Once he voluntarily sits still and learns to recognize the urge “to go,” we scale it back and only give stickers for something IN the potty.
Our potty training process is not a “boot camp,” and I do not expect to see success within the first days.

The little one toddles over to the bookcase and grabs his book de jour, although with toddlers it’s more like book of the month. You need these secrets The “secret” to potty training a toddler is to teach them a new routine. It helps your toddler to know what to expect, and it helps YOU (and his caregiver) to stay focused on the task at hand. It is hard to teach your child new skills when you aren’t with them during the day time hours. Think about reading “Dora Goes to the Dentist” for the 27th time… THAT is what potty training is like!
When you first brought home your newborn from the hospital, he nursed around the clock, and you worried that you would NEVER ever make it out of the house again, right? It is perfectly OK (and actually recommended) to put things on hold for a period of time before it becomes a power struggle.

Never mind the fact that once you read a book you give it away to a friend, so his continued infatuation with “Dora Goes to the Dentist” is lost on you. There is a sequence of events that takes place, and they are always in the same order with the same results (or close to it).
Our approach allows your child’s caregiver to easily continue the routine you have established. You and the caregiver work together as a team, sending the same message to your child and THAT is powerful – and very effective.

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