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About Baby BoomBaby Boom is one of South Africa’s leading retailers of branded baby goods specialising in products for expectant mothers, newborns, parents and children up to the age of three years of age. All you need for our lovely toilet paper roll crafts ideas are empty cardboard tubes, some coloured paper and some glue. Another great idea to recycle a cardboard tube and create some toilet paper roll crafts projects is this ladybird.
Cleaning a toilet can be a very disgusting chore, but at least it's uncomplicated, right? Clean the exterior of the toilet.While the cleansing solution soaks into the toilet grime in the bowl, clean the outside of the toilet. These paper craft ideas are quick and easy to make but look lovely put up around the house. Use the coloured pipe cleaner and pull it through the holes in the head - bend the antennas a little bit at the end.
Cut out the wings out of red paper and decorate it - you can either use the black card or simply draw the line and dots on. Have another look at our Rainy Day Activities - I'm sure you will find something you will like! This tutorial was requested by a member that wanted me to teach them “how to draw a toilet step by step”. As you can imagine drawing a toilet bowl may be a bit hard for novice artists, but that doesn't mean to shy away from this unique lesson. Okay you will finish the shape of the toilet seat and then draw the inside of the toilet bowl as you see here and then draw the shape of the outside of the bowl.

You have reached the last drawing step and all you have to do is draw the bottom stem of the toilet. Here is what your newly drawn out toilet looks like when you are done with this tutorial on "how to draw a toilet step by step".
Now for those of you that don’t know, the toilet is something that came a long way over the years before we were able to use the flushable toilet we have now in our homes. Once that is complete you can then draw the hinges and screws that are a bit visible in this step. When that is done you can then draw the back part of the toilet that actually works as a tank support and it also houses the trapway and the outlet. When that is done draw the stoppers on the inside of the toilet seat lid and then draw the flusher handle. Glue it on - it's easier if you use double sided sticky tape than liquid glue which takes longer to dry. Next draw a circle shape for the toilet seat and then draw out the mushroom stem shape for the base of the bowl.
Some believe that a man named “Thomas Crapper” was the creator of the unit and some believe that “Alexander Cumming” was infact the inventor because he was the one that developed the flushing device back in 1775. It is the part of the toilet that comes into actual contact with people, and it needs to be cleaned thoroughly.
He was responsible for the “valve and siphon arrangement” that makes using a toilet possible today. Try to apply the cleaner as close to the toilet rim as possible to prevent diluted cleanser.

There is also two more gentleman that are added to the list on whether or not they were the inventors of the toilet.
Back in the 16th century, Sir John published a pamphlet labeled “Metamorphosis of Ajax” which basically explained how to construct a valve closet.
The other guy George Jennings made important suggestions and contributions that made a significant difference with the mechanics of plumbing. I figure it like this, no matter who was responsible for the amazing toilet creation, all four men had something to do with the invention that makes it possible for use a private facility without having to worry about dumping a crap and urine filled wooden container in the middle of a field.
Not only do we have different shapes, styles, and designs to choose from, toilets also serve different purposes as well. For instance, there is actually a unit that squirts water up in that area, which enables you to delete the need for toilet paper. If you are the type of person that likes to draw different scenes and landscapes, than you will also need to learn how to draw objects that will be a part of your creation. I think you will find that this lesson on “how to draw a toilet”, will come in very useful and helpful one day.

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