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A very smart man once told that I would never fully appreciate health until I began to have a problem with something. Everything was fine until my wife one day said that our son had not pooped in quite some time.
First, this can also be really scary- a quick search on the web for constipation can lead you to some really scary diagnoses.
What’s Normal Pooping?Pooping is like personality- we all have one and everyone is a little different.
Constipation in toddlers may present you with one of your first significant challenges a s a parent- control.
You can read this article and discuss with your healthcare provider, but you cannot force your child to poop.
Your toddler does not understand what is going on, but they do begin to sense an oncoming bowel movement.
If needed have a special ‘potty toy’ that you only get to play with while sitting on the potty. Feel free to use the commments below to let me know how these things work for you in your toddler constipation adventure. Tags: baby step stool, bathroom step stool, potty stool for toddlers, potty training step stool, Step stools, toddlers step stool, toddlers toilet step stool, toilet step stool, toilet step-up stool, toilet training step stool, white potty stool for toddlers, white toilet step stool, white toilet training step stool. It is designed to fit securely around the toilet, giving toddlers confidence and security while going potty.
Nearly all constipation in toddlers is functional- meaning that it is not serious from a medical standpoint, but this does not mean you won’t struggle dealing with and treating your toddlers constipation as a parent. Parents often have trouble relinquishing control, especially around potty training and their children’s bowel habits.
If you make this a significant issue with your child, the constipated toddler will hunker down and realize they are in control.

If your child appears to be in pain every time they poop, you may want to look a little closer.
If your toddler is having painful pooping, they will attempt to withhold from pooping to prevent pain. One is the “Defecation Dance.” This is when your toddler crosses their legs and bounces up and down or grabs a chair or table and is actively trying to not poop.
Ultimately something called fecal impaction occurs- basically stool being stuck in the bowel. A great shopping habit is to try to get as many of your groceries as possible from the periphery of the grocery store- fruits, vegetables, fresh meats rather than from up and down the aisles where most everything is low fiber.
Raisin Bran and Grape Nuts are 2 higher bran cereals I have found kids like if introduced early. Get your child a book and have then sit on the toilet twice per day or read to them while they are sitting. Pat Bass is a physician, parent, writer, educator, and scientist that cares for both adults and children with a wide range of diseases. As a parent, I never really worried about my child’s bowel habits (they just were a part of life) until there was problem. Initially my wife searching on the internet, a couple of doctor visits, and then my wife (and ultimately me) becoming obsessed with whether or not our son pooped and what his poop looked like. As long as your child is growing and meeting developmental milestones, everything is probably ok. If you learn nothing else from this article, do not make a big deal about potty training and your toddlers constipation, ultimately your child is in control. Another would be your child suddenly and quietly disappearing to try to do this in private- especially if you make a big deal about pooping.
We all know that our kids need a mixture of grains, fruits, and vegetables, but then life gets in the way and we are eating at Sonic and McDonald’s.

If you are having constipation issues, it is probably best to stop toilet training for a couple of months. Consider a reward system like stars on a chart or a small, healthy, high fiber snack every time they successfully complete 10 minutes on the potty. You can read more about how he teaches patients to get more out of each doctor visit at his website Diabetes Plan where he focuses on what patients "need know and do" to improve their diabetes. You fixating on the issue if your child is not ready will not make your toddler constipation problem get better sooner.
If your child withholds stool long enough, eventually liquid stool will get around the withholding and impaction resulting in the ‘accident’. I believe this works, but as a parent you need to do this often and make a big deal about it. If there are no changes in your toddler constipation problem, restart the milk as milk is an important source of vitamin D and calcium. After you get the constipation issue resolved (the constipation could be due to a child not being ready or being scared of toilet training) you can go back and try again. If you have a child that is potty trained and begins to have accidents than they may have a toddler constipation problem that needs to be addressed.
If you think the constipation improves, you will need to talk with your doctor about ways your toddler can get enough vitamin D and calcium.

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