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Erin CardoneFargo Step Parenting ExaminerErin is an educator, coach, and soon-to-be step-mother of two children. Smart parenting: A technology diet for toddlers and preschoolersTechnology is here to stay.
THINK Summer Institute: A unique opportunity for gifted teenagersThe Davidson Institute is offering an intense summer learning opportunity for gifted 13- to 16-year-old students. After you child knows the routine of using the bathroom you will want to increase the chances of her urinating on the potty.
A toilet trainer seat, also known as a toilet seat reducer, on the other hand, is a seat insert that fits on a regular toilet seat, creating a smaller seat and opening for a little boy or girl. With toilet training seats, there are no special receptacles to empty and clean; just flush the toilet after your child finishes going to the bathroom. Finally, many parents view a child toilet seat as an ideal tool to help their young child transition more easily and successfully to using the regular toilet.
Selecting the right baby potty seat can help motivate your child to succeed in toilet seat training. Potty training girls or boys is made a lot easier by choosing the right child toilet seat, as so many parents have discovered. That said, many parents have been happy with their purchase and expressed their approval by giving certain baby toilet seats numerous five-star reviews.
This toilet trainer by Babybjorn has more than 300 five-star reviews to its name, even though it’s one of the more expensive models. This is another toilet seat training system that can also be used as a self-contained potty chair. Your child may be ready for a toilet training seat or a potty chair; you may choose one or the other depending on various factors.
Realize that accidents happen and that most children won't be potty trained over a week, a month, or even a few months' time.
One of the most effective (and overlooked) tools for potty training a child that travels between households is a consistent and patient day care provider. Her interests include the workings of blended families and step families, specifically examining the role of the step parent. The child picks up the card, hands it to the parent, walks to the bathroom, and sits on the toilet.
If practical have your child in underwear so you can monitor for several days how frequently your child is urinating.
One I encountered recently was of a child who slapped his face when I attempted to help him pull down his pants. The experience can be both challenging and rewarding, and you might want to buy the best toilet training seat to help your young son or daughter achieve a measure of independence in the bathroom.
Some children also, for some reason, become curious about their feces and want to touch it.

It’s important to choose a seat that your baby will like and feel comfortable in, so that he will have no reservations about continuing to use it.
One with crevices or seams can be more difficult to clean, and your child’s skin might get pinched in those spaces. Compare the three toilet training seat models below to help you make a more informed buying decision.
People who have purchased it love it because it’s easy for a child to learn how to put the seat on the toilet, it fits securely even on curved, elongated toilets, and it feels solid and sturdy. It can actually be used as a stand-alone potty chair or as a potty seat placed on top of a regular toilet seat. This is important because if one parent begins potty training and it is not enforced in the other household, the child will not learn as quickly and is more likely to rely on his or her pull-up or diaper. We sometimes forget to model things for our children when they are second nature to us. She will provide community resources for Fargo-Moorhead families, step parenting resources on the web, and insightful commentary on effective parenting strategies during difficult life transitions.
They can find their favorite videos on any screen device and FaceTime with grandparents pretty much on demand. The child will receive the edible for handing over the card, he does not receive the edible for picking up the card.
There will be plenty of cleaning and washing of soiled clothing but it will be worth the end result of a child who initiates and goes to the bathroom independently. Now I didn’t immediately associate it with the bathroom or the physical prompt until he did it again in the same way right after I helped him pull down his pants a second time.
Later on, we’ll also show you some of the best toilet training seats according to the highest ratings and reviews from consumers. You can place this in any room of the house, leaving the bathroom free for use by other people. This could also happen if they use a normal toilet; however, their waste is much more accessible to them in a potty chair. Also, check if the seat has a wide base as this will help ensure that the seat stays stable.
One parent said it was a lifesaver when they were at the beach and her toddler needed to go to the bathroom, and they were able to use it as a potty chair. As you can see, there are toilet training systems that can function either as a self-contained potty chair or as a toddler toilet seat reducer. If this begins to occur often, you can try having the child wear no pull-up under his or her pants while they are at home.
Keep your day care provider updated on the child's progress at home and ask often for updates of his or her progress while at day care. It is also preferable, though not necessary that the child have the prerequisite skill of sitting in a chair for several minutes before you begin the potty training.

Once you know how frequently your child is going to the bathroom designate a few hours each day to work on potty training. We spent the next 10 minutes in which I pulled down his pants and immediately after that he got a raisin and then immediately after that his pants were pulled back up again. It’s small and compact, the perfect size for older infants and young toddlers, and folds up easily. Parents have given it rave reviews because of its sturdiness, the lack of extra parts to assemble or disassemble, and the seat’s snug fit on full-size toilets. We recommend you investigate these products further and read the toilet training seat reviews to buy the right one for your child’s needs.
This method teaches the child the routine of going to the bathroom before the child is expected to void in the potty. Now if you combine this with deprivation of raisins which he likes during the regular day he will be more likely after he associates his pants coming down with getting raisins to let me help him pull down his pants. She is has been using a supository ( might have speeled that wrong) for six weeks with no much sucess.
Potty chairs for boys also usually have a splash guard to keep urine from splashing around. Here are some of the other things that reviewers like about this padded toilet seat training system. Once the child is comfortable with the routine you can begin to increase liquids to set up a successful situation in which your child uses the potty.
Once your child urinates in the potty and this will happen introduce a second reinforcer even more powerful than the first. Is the child able to communicate(either verbally or with gestures and noises)  his or her needs to you? If there is an accident, the child will feel the wetness and may be uncomfortable enough to realize they never want to do that again.
When the stickers add up to 10 (or whatever number you choose), take the child for ice cream or buy a new toy. However, her preschool has refered her to the local schools system and she is going to have an IEP in the area of personal -social and adaptive behaivor.
I am going to recommend the social story about using the toliet and a visual scheudle of when the are going to have her go.

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