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All about bathrooms and toilets in Japan: what to expect, instructions and "how to," Japanese Toilet Day, flush noise making devices.
The history of toilets in Japan is long and rather extensive – as far as toilet history can go.
Since the flush toilet’s debut, Japanese women would flush the toilet while they were peeing because they were embarrassed when others heard them pee. As with many countries in the world, the squat toilet has been the traditional toilet used by the Japanese for hundreds of years.

It has been said that squat toilets are more hygienic than flush toilets because it minimizes contact with a toilet seat. As of 2004, more than 50% of Japanese households had bidet toilets installed in their bathrooms – exceeding the number of personal computers per household. The Japanese bidet includes features to further enhance one’s bathroom experience by providing a quick cleaning of your derriere afterwards. It has also been said that the washlet or bidet would be able to replace the use of toilet paper and help to improve hemorrhoids and constipation.

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Devices like the Sound Princess: a radio-like device that is activated at the push of a button or by motion.

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