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As announced already in the spring-time, our R&D team has designed a new freight train lavatory and it is now in the production. In order to comply with the hygienic requirements, the toilet module is completely sheeted internally with stainless steel, and for a long-life cycle, the supporting steel frames as well as the external sheet metal are powder-coated. All the hoses and the pipes are made of stainless steel, as well as the interior equipment. According to experience, due to this simple and tough biological sanitary technology, the railway operator can keep the LCC and the necessary maintenance on an astonishing low level.

The microbiological assistants are present in human waste and therefore no additives are required for the system to function. Since the system process the waste there is no need to drain a waste tank and no human contact with waste. Special requests such as a very small triangular sink and an automatic air freshener dispenser can be included as needed.
Furthermore, the user is provided with high comfort and a high practical value on the often long-lasting trips.

Siemens builds this freight train locomotive especially for Australian coal transport trains of up to 2.5 km lengths that make tours of up to three days.
Since the outstanding Microphor® system requires a relative small space and only low-maintenance, it fits perfectly into almost every locomotive.

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