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There are many different kinds of litter boxes and bedding options out there that are suitable for rabbits, but (as with everything else that goes on in our households) our rabbit will ultimately decide which one is best.
The reason why such a set-up is not acceptable at all (apart from the fact that such a cage is way too small), is that it hurts the rabbit’s feet and can cause sores and infections.
Some litter boxes come with smooth plastic grates similar to the ones found in the kitchen. All of the previously mentioned litter box options assume that the rabbit can jump over the sides easily.
Both pine and cedar are not recommended as suitable bedding, because they are connected with respiratory issues and liver damage in small animals.
Using newspaper or shredded paper in a rabbit’s litter box is a cheap option that works well for some people. Hardwood Stove Pellets that do not contain chemicals (such as accelerants that speed up the process of lighting them) are a safe option for rabbits.
While corn cob litter absorbs urine well enough, it is small, lightweight, and will be tracked all over the house. Holly has a paralyzed right front leg and has a hard time jumping over the high edge of most liter boxes so I started using the bottom of dishdrying pan and puppy training pads. Hi – we brought our bunny home at 7 weeks old, and amazingly she was litter trained in 1 week. About litter, I wanted to say that another option besides wood stove pellets is horse bedding! Hi, my problem is a litter trained rescue bunny that has had a hind leg amputated and he uses a litter box but his hind end is always getting caked with stool. It sounds like she doesn’t leave the poops because she’s not litter trained, she leaves them because she is marking her territory! I have a mini lop rabbit who is about 1 year and 4 months old now, and she has a cage with an undercover house bit, as most rabbit cages do. I have heard all over that feline pine is safe to use for rabbit litter, but I have heard nothing about feline fresh.
Since our home is pretty much wall to wall carpeting we must do our best to protect our carpet and keep things neat and tidy. The Scoop on PoopNormal rabbit poop will be round, lightweight and dry (something you will see ALLOT of). Litter box training your bunny is fairly easy since your bunny naturally chooses a certain location to eliminate himself.
While your bunny is out and about, it is fun for him to find chew treats and toys stashed around his play area. After your bunny has developed good litter box habits, you may want to allow him to visit on the couch and bed so he can become more of a member of the family. The rabbit needs to hop out more carefully and a lot of the litter that gets flicked around still stays inside the box.
Placing the hay directly inside the litter box often results in spoiled hay, though, because the rabbit might pee on it (by accident or on purpose). The benefit if these is that they are easy to clean and require very little effort on the human’s part. These floors are also completely uncomfortable and encourage the rabbit to sit and lie in unnatural positions to relieve the pressure. You can also purchase screens that can be placed inside the plastic litter boxes mentioned above. They are cheap, available in home improvement stores and grocery stores (especially during the winter months), and absorb odors and fluids well.
Having small, hard pieces of corn everywhere has turned us against it pretty much immediately. My 2 female bunnies are unspayed so they can have babies but its impossible to litter train them how do you litter train a bunny? I had bunnies as a child, they lived outside and had free range of the yard and woods during the day. Her home will be upstairs in my sons room with her litter box….should I put another litter box on the first story for her? I have never had much of an issue until two weeks ago when I began bonding my neutered 2.5 year old male with a spayed 5? Even if you don't intend on letting your bunny have full run of your house, litter box training is still a good idea and not nearly as difficult as most fear. You may need to experiment with different brands before finding the one you feel meets all of your needs.

A nice bonus is that if you should accidentally step on a marble you are unlikely to soil your carpet. Do not use cedar or pine shavings as a litter (or bedding) as it can cause liver damage in rabbits.
When I let bunny out of the cage I would place an additional litter pan in the room he was allowed to play in. Sit back and enjoy all the things he will teach you and all the things he will do to entertain you. If you are using a different litter box or bedding and swear by it, we’d love to hear about it in the comments! They are incredibly cheap, easy to clean, and a favorite for many rabbits, because they can do their business and still see everything that is going on around them. Only now the rabbit cannot easily see what is going on in the room and they may feel trapped.
Senior or disabled rabbits might need a litter box that can be entered without having to jump.
Also, some vets recommend not to use this kind of litter, because it may cause blockage when ingested. I have a rabbit named bella (we are actually not sure if it is a girl or boy) and I have had her since she was 4 weeks and she will be turning 3 in July, I tried litter training her for months when she was aged 4 months – 1 year but she would always lay in her litter box (corner one) and do her business in the cage. We have another article about how we trained Bunny, but I have to tell you that an un-neutered male can be very difficult to litterbox train, because he will naturally want to mark his territory.
She would do all her business in it and also lounge in it, and everything was neat and made for really easy clean up. Definitely get her spayed and for now, try newspaper or washable pee-pads on the bottom of the toilet (the EZWhelp ones on amazon are great)!
Every night they would go up the 3-4 foot ramp to their pen and we would lock them up and remove ramp to keep predators away.
I sometimes let my rabbit out in our three season room for the air and sunshine that comes in a part of the room. Thank you so much again…I have been all over the website taking all sorts of notes to make sure our new bun bun is save and happy. Luckily rabbits are creatures of habit and normally pick a corner of the cage to use as the designated potty spot. Some rabbits might be good about returning to their cage to use the pan but most have a limit to how far they will travel to the latrine. He needs to define where his home is and feel safe in his surroundings before he is allowed freedom. By using small areas, it reduces the chance that he will find another spot to use as his potty outside of what you have in mind. If your bunny is having trouble becoming litter box trained, his play area might be too big too soon. There is plenty of space for hay and since they vary in size, can easily accommodate more than one rabbit. Since rabbits are prey animals, they like to be aware of their surroundings at all times or have at least 2 exits in whatever cave-like structure they are hiding.
Urine flows through the grate and gets absorbed by the bedding, poop stays on top to be easily discarded or collected as fertilizer. The benefits of all three is that they are cheap, available in almost any grocery store, and absorbent. We have not used this product before, but heard that it doesn’t control odors as well as Carefresh and that it can be difficult to scoop out only the soiled parts.
We had Critter Care bedding (without baking soda) and added Timothy hay to one side of the litter box.
I think this would work for my bun, except she might try to pull her hay into the litter side of the box.
You could try hanging a hay rack right in front of the litter box, so it stays clean, but she can still reach it. It has been a while since I have tried training (him or her) again and I wanted to know of you had any tips. Now she is almost 6 months and probably going to get spayed soon, but she started doing something weird a couple weeks ago. When I checked in my bunny one day, there was a huge red tail hawk sitting on my wood fence about 3 feet away trying to figure out how to get into the screen.
So while you could try adding a second litter box, it will most likely not be used except for a stray poop here and there as a way of marking it.

This means multiple litter pans may become necessary if your rabbit has free roam of several rooms or even the entire house. The drawback is that every time the rabbit hops out, it’s almost unavoidable that some poop and litter gets flicked out accidentally, so the area around these litter boxes often has to be cleaned frequently. The rabbit can munch as much as they like and none of their litter box space gets taken up by food.
Rabbits that love to dig in their litter boxes or eat their bedding are prevented from doing so.
The disadvantages are that the shavings do very little to control the odor of urine and often stick to the rabbit’s fur only to be tracked all over the house. She is pushing all the carefresh bedding to the sides and doing her business on the plastic and the mornings she would claw at the plastic nonstop and kick the bedding from the sides out.
Unfortunately after like 6 yrs of the same routine one chewed his way out and they got out in middle of night and were killed by something.
Your bun might not be able to clean himself properly because he can’t reach without falling over. If she was a clean bun before, she might stop as soon as they are bonded and she feels she has established her territory. Our Bunny likes to eat hay while sitting in his box, so the corner toilet was never a good option for us. He has a big open running area where he plays and stuff and only goes in his cage for protection when he’s scared and to do his business but sometimes he goes on the garage floor.
I think having bedding all over the cage is a waste of money and the rabbits often don’t like it anyway.
I changed her litter pan and put fresh bedding tonight and she jumped into the pan immediately and methodically used her front paws to push everything neatly to the sides leaving the middle a corner with only plastic.
I couldn’t believe how Hawks have become so accustomed to humans and lost their fear of us.
They use poop as a way of marking their territory, though, so it is likely that you will find it in other spots, especially those the rabbit wants to claim as hers. As time goes on, you will know how much he can be trusted and you can leave him out of his cage accordingly. These litter boxes also tend to be full quickly, so they have to be cleaned more often than others.
Also, depending on the rabbit, hay placed on one side of the litter box might get soiled easily. If urine gets on it by accident, there’s not much you can do except replace it, which can be costly. We have never tried these litter boxes before, but heard that urine may clog up the grate after a while and cleaning it becomes way more laborious than regular cleaning would have been.
Carefresh has recently changed their formula to include baking soda, which can be harmful to rabbits and smells bad, too. The corner ones are too small for her and she also likes to eat hay while doing her business.
Maybe a piece of carpet (if he doesn’t chew that) with a a fleece blanket or cotton towel in a corner would work? I like this spot better, move the litter pan.Health Reasons - If this is a new development from an otherwise litter trained rabbit it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or other illness, contact your vet.
Bunnies need to mark their territory, so more litter boxes at first help to accommodate this need. A great solution to this would be to pick one of the plastic litter boxes and place them in front of a hay rack or other hay dispenser. An old baby gate serves as a temporary holder for the hay rack, but once we move again there will be a more permanent solution.
We used to add Critter Care on top, but since they changed their formula we have switched to plain National Geographic litter.
Carrying your bunny right to the litter box after opening his cage can also help teach him where to mark.
Always keep a roof over the buns, a strong wire enclosure and a place where they can hide From predators and harsh weather. I like to let my bunnies out for fresh air, but I keep a cover over the pen and sit outside and read or do some gardening near by .

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