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Many passenger trains (usually medium and long-distance) have toilet facilities, often at the ends of carriages.
The traditional method of disposing human waste from trains is to deposit the waste onto the tracks using what is known as a hopper toilet. Chemical retention tanks are usually included on newer carriages and railcars in wealthier and more densely populated parts of the world. High Tops: Top Plays of the NBA TV's 30-minute show highlighting the seasons top 10 assists, dunks, and plays, premi. Toilets suitable for wheelchair users are larger, and hence trains with such facilities may not have toilets in each carriage. One issue is that the tanks need to be regularly emptied, often at a terminal station or prolonged stop-over.

The hole in the floor (also known as a drop chute toilet) system is still in use in many parts of the world, particularly on older rolling stock. If a train is required in service again within too short a period, the tanks may not get emptied. The principal disadvantage is that it can be considered crude or unhygienic and dangerous to health and the environment a€“ it litters the railway lines and can convey serious health risks when the train passes over or under a navigable waterway. Passengers may be discouraged from flushing or using toilets while the train is at a station or standing at a red signal.
To enforce this limitation, toilets may be automatically locked when the train pulls into a station or stops at a red signal. The Avery Fisher Center for Music and Media (AFC) is located on the 2 nd floor of Bobst Library.
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