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But I just want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this.I sometimes feel that same deflation-to-defensiveness when you turn up to the park with your hair all washed and brushed.
When you open up the perfectly made lunch box, when you apologise for the state of your immaculate house (why do you do that?).Seriously, I totally want to high five you, I am not at all involved emotionally or philosophically in whether your three-year-old is in nappies. It’s also a world where if a child can do something himself, he  is encouraged to do just that. And I’m sure you honestly believe that physiologically children shouldn’t be trained until they’re three.
But we are different and I’m not trying to tell you what I think, I’m just asking my kid if he needs to pee because if I don’t, he will wee himself.

And I’m pretty sure that physiologically kids worldwide are all the same, and our culture toilet trains later than, well, everyone else. Like at all.For one reason or another my kids have learned to use the toilet a little earlier than average but that doesn’t mean that when we hang out I’m thinking about that. I’m probably looking at your fantastic hair, not your kid’s nappy poking out the top of their pants – it would be so great if you could try to remember that.
Feel free to stalk her on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.PS - She wrote this bio with a nude two year old sitting on her shoulder like an actual parrot. But I don’t judge myself or others because kids are all different – and so are mums!

If our primary concern is for our kids health, growth, happiness- then no matter the state of our hair, house, or potty training progress, I think we are all just doing our best!
She had always hated being dirty or having things out of order, and it extended to wearing wet or dirty nappies for any period of time. I get lots of comments about why we haven’t trained him when our eldest was out of nappies so young.

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