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I was a little slow off the mark discovering the great new waterplay attraction at Werribee Open Range Zoo this summer – Hippo Beach.
Hippo Beach, which is included in the general admission price at Werribee Zoo encourages kids to frolic with hippo themed water play right next to the Hippo exhibit. Zoos Victoria membership entitles members to access The Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary as well as a number of partner zoos (including Taronga) around Australia for a full year. On weekdays Werribee Zoo runs amazing programs for under fives that are included in the general entry price and incorporate play, music and imagination.
General admission is FREE for children aged 4-15 on weekends, school holidays and Victorian public holidays. Adult entry is $30.80 and a number of different family packages are for sale depending on your number of kids.

Werribee zoo is a half an hour drive from Melbourne over the Westgate Bridge on the Princes Freeway or via Geelong Road. Bubs on the Move provides tips and advice for parents traveling with small children including attraction and accommodation reviews. Subscribe to Bubs on the Move's newsletter to keep updated on great places to visit with kids, travel tips and giveaways.
Their primary purpose is to grow hair, apparently Alpaca fiber is much like sheeps wool, except lighter, softer, warmer and not itchy at all.
Best of all (in terms of keeping an Alpaca as a pet) is they use a communal dung pile. Because of their tidy toilet habits some alpacas have been successfully house-trained! Just what you need to cheer you up on a long road walk :) These fellas were really inquisitive, and entertaining.

Well apparently they generally reserve this treatment for other Alpacas, but will occasionally spit at a human.
As for my own kids – they loved climbing over the hippo statues, digging for hidden treasure in the giant sandpit and getting wet in the water play area.
Felt sorry for the one chap with the giant protruding goofy teeth and bog eyes, in with all his cute friends.

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