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This brightly coloured innovative design Toilet Trainer from Kids Kit makes potty training fun for children while allowing them to become independent at their own pace!
The 3-in-1 Toilet Trainer serves as a potty, a step up toilet seat and toilet seat all in one. These sun shades from Dooky are the perfect way to shelter Baby from sun, wind and noise and will fit on to the hood of any car seat, pushchair, carrycot or pram!
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This award winning travel potty & toilet trainer seat is ideal for travel, holidays and home!
Potty training is part of being a parent and this can be a lot easier today with the help of modern bathroom accessories like BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer. Potty training should not be messy and this is highly achievable with this product because it has an angled splashguard that is responsible of making sure nothing of your little ones small wonders lands outside. CLICK HERE to purchase your new BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer now and make potty training easy, safe, and a fun thing to do. After your little one does his or her thing, the trainer is easy to remove and with a simple wipe, it is clean again.

This entry was posted in Bathroom Accessories and Parts and tagged bathroom accessory, built-in handle, children potty trainer, easy potty training, Potty Training, Toilet Trainer. The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is manufactured from a smooth delicate comfy foam that moulds carefully around the child while they sit down making certain that they are supported and secured while they learn how to make use of the toilet. While the child’s weight pushes the flexible foam on the sides of the seat converge to hug the little one guaranteeing comfort and ease as well as safety. All stock supplied by Better Baby Shop is sourced through genuine Australian Suppliers.  This means when you purchase from Better Baby Shop,  you will get a genuine Australian manufacturers warranty and all of our products comply with Australian Safety Standards. Should your purchase prove faulty within the warranty period you can return your product to us and we will forward your repair to the genuine supplier repair department at no charge to you.  Better Baby Shop is wholly Australian owned and operated and also believes in only supporting Australian companies. Grey Market Importers do not purchase their products from Australian suppliers. This means that should your item prove faulty within the warranty period you may need to return the product to an overseas address (which can take months) or your item may be repaired by someone who has not been certified to perform such work. We will do our best to give you the best service reasonably possible if you have any problem with your purchase.
Most items are dispatched within 24 hours of payment being received (DIRECT DEPOSIT may take longer). Once items are dispatched, regular Australia Post or courier delivery times apply and an email with the online tracking info is sent to you.

Change Mat Terry Towelling - babyhood Change Mats are manufactured using the highest quality materials from high density foam to high quality soft touch terry toweling. This toilet trainer from BabyBjorn is comfortable for your child because it allows your child to sit on it safely. The trainer will not eat up too much of your bathroom space too because it has the built-in handle that allows you to hang the trainer and make it out of the way when not in use comfortably. This can also work of different toilet seat design, as it has the adjustable dial that adapts to all types of toilet seat. The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is very a lot like it’s predecessor the Bumbo Baby Seat therefore allows an easy cross over to toilet training while very young.
All Terry Towelling Change mats come with quality packaging designed for easy use and storage. All you have to do is to make an adjustment, which is a pretty, easy thing to do and the trainer will sit in place firmly.

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