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The Bambino Step Toilet Trainer is an amazing toilet trainer seat having height adjustable step stool.
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Great toilet seat, adjustable legs would make it more secure and stable when the toilet unit is taller or shorter. The babyhood Change Mat Cover is designed to fit a large range of change mats, available in a wide range of colours you can match to any nursery. The K & D Booster Seat has a great new compact design, with a 3 point harness for added safety. The Moulded Toilet Trainer is designed to help build confidence when toddlers are starting to use the toilet. This unique flexible Toilet Trainer gently hugs the toddler’s bottom  providing secure, comfortable seating. Children who identify the similarity to the Bumbo Floor Seat, transition even easier into using the toilet. Bumbo Products are designed and manufactured with care and are periodically tested to comply with all international standards.

The booster seat is moulded to best suit your baby and is complete with an adjustable tray and seat height. Unlike conventional toilet seats the Bumbo Toilet Trainer instils a sense of confidence and security that is very important when Toilet Training.
The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is made of a soft, flexible polyurethane foam that is easy to clean. The seat is designed with two safety straps one for below the chair and one for the back rest for a secure fit.

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