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Age Groups & ProgramsTurtle Cove Early Learning Centres in Strathalbyn and Wandina run the same programs catering for four age groups as outlined below. We provide long day care or occasional care as well as a kindy-style 3 year old program that runs with the public school term dates. As your child's needs are evolving all the time in this age group, the Jellyfish program runs on an individual basis with individual routines according to your child's needs. You  are welcome to come in and breastfeed your child, send formula or express milk and bring it  in. Our staff  are qualified educators and are trained in use of both modern cloth nappies (MCN) and disposables.

Children are welcome to bring sleeping bags or comforters and we adhere to safe sleeping practices. We also have 2 cot rooms available, each with gentle infant-friendly classical music playing as the children sleep. The Starfish Room offers a more structured play based program for your child as they explore and develop their independence. In addition to toilet training, children enjoy a planned program of enjoyable indoor and outdoor experiences including art, craft, music and movement, language and free play. The Clown Fish Room is where we offer a kindy style 3 year old program that runs with the WA public school term dates with the added value of longer care hours if required.

Children are taught by an Early Childhood trained teacher five days a week in 3 hour sessions that alternate between mornings and afternoons on a weekly basis. We pick up and drop off children at a range of Geraldton primary schools located near each centre and  provide a nutritious afternoon tea. Our staff are experienced educators and are happy to plan toilet training strategies with you and utilise methods you are trying at home.

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