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Most kids start toilet training only when they are three years old and they are completely toilet trained by four or five.
Sensory integration disorder is a condition that is commonly found in children where the child cannot say when he or she is ready to go to the bathroom for their bowel movements. While parents often complain of difficulty potty training their children, for most families, potty training is a fairly easy experience. Adolescent is a stage where the child is not a teenager or an adult and is somewhere in between.

At this age, children are also able to control their bladder and wait until they get to the bathroom.
It is a very difficult age among children and parents usually deal with several issues with children at this age. First of all you need to evaluate if you child is ready for potty training before you begin the task. Your toddler could be ready if they start listening to you and even carry out simple tasks when you ask them to do.

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