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Many dogs seem to prefer a Crate the  where they can still see you and be near to the action even if they are contained.
It is helpful to give a command such as a€?go toileta€™ so your dog associates the command with the action, use the command every time until it is accepted by your puppy.
Dog toilet training will not be complete until puppies are about six months old, at this stage you can consider the option of a pet door to give you and your dog freedom. We all know that the real experts are the parents who have been through it, whose children did not incur any serious psychological damage from wearing disposable pull-on underwear for a few years. One child was on and off during the day, but always had the disposables at night, till the day of his 5th birthday.
Can you believe my Psychologist is pushing the toileting issue on my two and a half year old!! I said to him that I was really tired of his pooping in his room and that he was going to have to clean the carpet yet again tonight. There are so many factors that figure into it, not the least of which is the attitude of the parents. I enjoyed the thread on toileting and am soooo glad not to be alone - all my friends are so proud of their 2 or 3 year old - potty trained!! Tony used to throw toilet paper in the trash can because no one ever taught him what to do. I had a hard time training Anne Marie, and when she was 4 I actually went to a potty-ologist (Dr. I ordered an alarm and moisture sensor online and Matthew has been using it for five days now. He has experienced success (he charts his progress daily) and he now has no fear, for he has realized that he is going to beat this problem. We tried that with Vincent and we practiced before he went to bed, making the alarm sound and telling him that as soon as he heard it he should jump out of bed and pee.
NOTE: When following advice from friends and relatives, from doctors and psychologists, from books or articles, keep in mind that most advice is directed toward typical kids, and that your child is unique and that many of these suggestions might not be in the best interest of your child. Or worse, do you feel as though your child is actually experiencing potty training regression? I know you've heard all the arguments for staying calm, patient and focused, but that may be hard advice to swallow right now. It's true that you may have originally tried to do toilet training in less than a day or a three day potty training session with your toddler or preschooler.
Or, the other possibility that has led you to look for additional potty training tips is that your child did not originally "get" her first round of potty training. It's quite possible that the following advice will not be pleasant to you: your child may simply not want to potty train at this time.

The truth behind this tip is that you are asking your child to mature and while sometimes that sounds like a great idea to him, sometimes it does not.
And when he wants to stay little and safe and comfortable, an easy way to do that is to pee or poop his pants. Getting your child to relax is a big part of getting control of potty training and bowel movements. If you're have difficulty with pooping issues, look at my potty training and constipation article. Take note of your child's natural rhythm and maintain a regular and unhurried schedule of sitting on the potty chair waiting to poop once you get things moving again. Potty dolls can be hugely helpful as they allow you, the parent, to determine exactly what your toddler does and does not understand about the toilet training process.
Pushing fluids for a day when potty targets are new allows your child to get a good amount of "practice" identifying the urge to pee and controlling himself enough to get to the potty chair, take aim and let go. The advantage of the potty watch is that since a child is wearing it himself, he is greatly encouraged to take responsibility for getting himself to the potty when the watch vibrates or makes music (or whatever it does) and that will help eliminate the need for you to remind him, which is eventually what you want.
If you find a dvd or a type of dvd that really seems to connect with your child, then you can purchase that toilet training dvd for longer use. If you are just starting out potty training and would appreciate a step-by-step guide or if you are dealing with a lot of regression, then I recommend you take a look at the resource Potty Training Secrets Exposed. Training pants such as Pull-ups are wonderfully convenient, but they don't allow your child to feel wet when he pees. Your little one will still feel the wetness immediately, so training can continue, but the plastic pants will help contain the accident, at least for a little while until you can help him clean up. If you submit comments, we ask your permission to share your comments on our website (see permission checkbox below).
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Our strict privacy policy is that we will NOT share your name and email address with anyone else. We will only use the first name and initial of your last name when saying where the comment or quote came from. As your puppy becomes more reliable and his bowel and bladder control develops allow him more time out of the crate. Newspapers are not such a good choice as it can become a problem as the puppy will use any paper it finds lying around. Ray Condon, a guy with a PhD in teaching life-skills to people with disabilities who has a reputation locally for being the best potty-trainer in the world), and he asked me all about her. Calmly talk to your child and explain that for a new round of fun, you and he are going to practice using the potty on a schedule again.

Yes, you are essentially going over the same information, but use new phrases and new rewards and your child will see it as a next step. The biggest mistake some parents make is buying a bunch of potty training toys, giving them all to their child at once, and expecting that this will somehow magically toilet train their child. For example, if you are going to use a beloved stuffed animal or a little mommy potty training doll you are going to need to set the stage first for encouraging your little one to be a nurturing teacher to her doll.
Remember, just because your child says she understands what you are asking of her, doesn't mean she really does.
Introduce them and then take them away for a bit, keeping the interest high for your little potty trainee. You can use round cereal bits (think Cheerios) to introduce the idea (this is a very smart way to help little boys learn to aim), then offer the purchased "special" targets as an incentive for improving whatever you want your child to work on. It may get a bit messy at times, but if you can overlook that and praise the good habits forming, you can make some real progress using potty targets. But the minute it ceases to work, cycle it out with another piece of toilet training advice. My toilet training advice on this resource is to check out your local library first and preview some potty training dvds.
This is a good way to let your child ask you questions and allow you to dispel any confusion with the topic. For example, if you have been using some sort of toddler training pants and your toddler has decided to use them as a diaper instead of going pee or poop in the potty chair, try this idea instead. He was teased by a neighbor's child who came into our home and saw one of them in the bathroom, and now the entire neighborhood (some of whom attend his school) knows his secret shame. Your child must now practice what he knows and make it a second-nature part of his daily life. I have potty trained four of my own children and I know how frustrating it can be to explain what's expected to a child, even show them what you want them to do, have them look you in the eyes and say "yes, Mommy" and then obviously not have gotten it at all. Take another day or two when you can focus only on toilet training and take your child to the potty every hour on the hour, or whatever works for your child.
Instead, put your potty trainee in regular underwear and when you have to go anywhere that an accident will be troublesome, put on plastic pants over the underwear. By the next night he was awakening himself, taking himself to the bathroom, changing his own underwear, and awakening me to ask me to attach the sensor to his clean underwear.

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