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Although your child may be dry during the day don’t expect them to be dry at night straightaway. If your child starts to wake up with a dry nappy for a week or more then the time is right to move on from nappies but be prepared and use a plastic sheet at first.
I don’t advise lifting your child, the aim is to get them to sleep through or wake up to use the toilet. By all means have a reward system to encourage your child to stay dry at night, but until the hormone vasopressin (which reduces the amount of urine produced at night) is secreted then they will continue to need to go the toilet at night. Parent Consultant Kate Barlow explains why the transition to night time toilet training is not quite so straight forward. Drinking regularly through the day can help to increase how much the bladder can hold so don’t restrict drinks.

If you find you are having to lift your child ensure you wake them up so they are aware of using the toilet, vary the times you do this so they don’t get used to weeing at the same time each night. Pads, plastic sheets and bed mats can help protect mattress.
Unlike daytime training they will not always recognise the sensation that their bladder is full-because they are in a deep sleep. In order to ensure the best experience when shopping on our website, we recommend using a more up to date version of Internet Explorer, or downloading a free browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Children do not wet the bed on purpose and you can encourage and help your child but they will only do it when they are developmentally ready and produces the hormone Vasopressin. Offer water in a cup before bed or as a bedtime drink as children will rarely drink too much water, unlike juice or drinking from a bottle. Parents can feel embarrassed and frustrated about bedwetting as it can take beyond a child’s 7th birthday to be completely dry at night.

Ensure your child is emptying their bladder each time they use the toilet, some children are in too much of a rush and may only let out a dribble. Each child is different so it's important not to compare your child with others - as with everything in childhood development, it's not a race or competition.

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