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This entry was posted in Baby tips, Children's development on March 8, 2013 by Andrea Zanin. Now – If your child was toilet trained at two – I am pleased for you but please don’t rain on my parade quite yet. I kind of assumed that once the daytime toilet thing was sorted, it’s be time to move onto the whole business of night time.
2.    A waterproof sheet is a good idea (there will probably be some mishaps and you’ll want to protect the mattress). Don’t be phased if all doesn’t go as planned immediately; it make take a couple of weeks to get right. Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is for the treatment of nappy rash.Always read the label. There are some toilet training experts (especially the boot camp variety) who advise parents to ditch all nappies at the same time, even overnight and encourage them to use the toilet. Even when your child makes the transition of going to bed without that trusty nappy on, you can still expect the occasional toilet training accident for a while.
Make sure you've got a good-quality absorbent bedliner on the bed - these have moved on by miles since the old crinkly plastic ones. When your child finally masters night time bladder control, praise her, cuddle her, show her how proud you are. This article was written for Kidspot, New Zealand’s leading pregnancy and parenting resource. And if you’re cringing because your three-year-old is so not toilet trained take solace in the fact that all kiddies operate at different paces (I mean, we all get there eventually) and I still have one milestone to overcome; my child is not night time toilet trained.

And I say a milestone that I have to overcome because, as with toilet training during the day, I feel that it is as much about me being ready as my daughter. But most of my mummy friends tell me that it took a while for this to happen and it is not necessarily a natural progression from daytime toilet training. And if you try but feel your child is not yet ready, wait a couple of months and try again. My three-year-old just started sharing her room with her one-year-old sister and I’m so not ready for anything new and unsettling. But, most parents keep their kids in nappies at night for a while after they're toilet trained during the day. It’s perfectly normal and you should clean it up calmly and matter-of-factly (if sleepily).
They can be easier for kids to put on and take off themselves, so they can take them off to go to the toilet if necessary. The modern ones are lightweight and breathable but still fully protect the mattress from wetting and smells.
Or perhaps leave a potty nearby and encourage her to use it if she needs to go to the bathroom. I then went on to complete an Honours in English (literature) for which I achieved a cum laude result. In some cases, it only takes weeks or months to toilet train at night but, for others, night time bladder control may not kick in until more than a year later. If you find yourself stumbling through too many middle-of-the-night clean-up calls, you may want to re-introduce the nappy for a while.

These sit on the top of the bottom sheet and a good quality one will absorb multiple accidents overnight, drawing in moisture and trapping it so your child can enjoy a comfortable nights sleep. And in some cases, you may want to limit the amount of water she drinks in the run-up to bedtime.
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The best thing about a bed liner is that in the morning you can just whip it off the bed for washing without having to strip off the sheets!
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