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The biggest question faced by the mother of a young child is how to start toilet training the baby? For example, you know when your baby is going to pee or poo by noticing the changing expressions on your baby’s face. Once you start recognizing these signs encourage the baby to use the toilet training seat or the bathroom seat if you prefer that. Your baby will be toilet trained by the time he turns two years if you started when he was six months old.
It may sound potty, but whistling to your baby could have him toilet-trained before he can walk.A study of Vietnamese families credited whistling with getting babies out of nappies by just nine months.
The children associated the whistling with urinating, and by the age of nine months, they were able to keep dry a€“ as long as they were regularly reminded to sit on their potty, the Journal of Pediatric Urology reports.The researchers said that while Western babies are potty trained later now than in the past, early toilet training has traditionally been regarded as a badge of pride in Vietnam.
They added that as well as saving on the cost of nappies and the time spent changing them, learning to control the bladder very early in life may be better for urinary health.In the past, potty training often started before the age of one. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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I have started potty training my little girl when she turned 2 and now we are fully potty trained.

Getting potty trained is a key milestone for growing babies that many parents look forward to. The Combo Potty Toilet Seat leverage on the simple principle that every child learns best by imitating and following what their parents or caregivers do. The Combo Potty Training Seat is easy to install and is designed to fit a variety of toilet bowls.
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But this is not something to be worried about.  To toilet train your baby start as early as six months.
By the age of two, when many British toddlers are yet to start potty training, the Vietnamese children were managing the entire process by themselves.Swedish researchers said potty training started almost from birth, with mothers making a whistling sound when their child gave a sign that they needed to go. But todaya€™s mothers are advised to wait until their child is 18 months to two years old - and many begin even later.
In order to ensure the best experience when shopping on our website, we recommend using a more up to date version of Internet Explorer, or downloading a free browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. It not only means that your little one is more independent now, it certainly also means lots of savings on diapers. It is only natural that a child desires to be just like their parents and they will be motivated to do so without you telling them. It is therefore more hygienic and saves you the trouble to wash your potty after every use.

Please check the dimensions of the seat and distance between the pin holes (adjustable) to confirm if it would fit yours. Also the six months have given you ample time to get attuned to your baby’s physical needs. This way you will be able to make your baby pee before getting ready for the bed or when going outside for movies or social gatherings. It is written by a mother who also taught preschool and helped potty train a lot of her students. Once the baby starts understanding your cue, he will let you know the need to pee by either making the same sound or pointing towards the bathroom or the infant toilet seat. Traditionally your child’s name is engraved on the front side of the charm with their date of birth on the reverse.
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