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In his 15th parenting book, Toilet Training Without Tantrums, nationally recognized expert John Rosemond lays to rest the notion that potty training must be the complicated, emotionally draining, stressful event it has become for children and parents.
This title is unavailable for purchase as none of our regular suppliers have stock available. Natalie fell asleep while I was at Walmart, so I read a bunch of books in the toy department so I wouldn't disturb her nap.
Toilet Training in Less Than a Day: A Tested Method for Teaching Your Child Quickly and Happily!
Your great-grandmother would be amazed to learn that toilet training has become one of Mom's greatest sources of anxiety and frustration during her child's early years. With this book and a little bit of understanding and patience, toilet training will be easy and rewarding for both parent and child.Includes a toilet flushing sound chip, which brings giggles and laughter to toddlers learning this essential life skill.

To Great-Grandma, it was no worse than teaching her child to use a spoon.Rosemond does not write from the perspective of a psychologist, but with the common sense and authority derived from 30 years of counseling parents, and from his two children and seven grandchildren, some of whom he helped toilet train.
We'll see if this helps her, but so far all she says is, "yuck," when we get to the part that mentions "pee pee" and "poo poo." I'm hopeful, though! He advises an old-fashioned approach to toilet training that would have earned Grandma's stamp of approval. However, I don't really buy that a book about using the potty is going to make much difference (and that's coming from someone who has a book for everything). The button that sounds like a toilet flushing and giggling was actually a bit loud and long for me, almost scary.
Thousands of parents have used it to discover how easy toilet training can be.With his trademark parents-take-control style, Rosemond covers everything from the basic how-to and troubleshooting issues to successful testimonies and proper encouragement.

It was like they were giving permission for the adult to change the text, which was kinda condescending. It helps parents avoid common toilet-training mistakes, and leads the way to a diaper-free household. I guess a child of potty training age would most likely not be old enough to know the adult reading the book was changing the words.

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