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Toilet training on the go made easy with adorably cute and super comfy car seat protectors from Close.
This seat protector gives me the confidence to get out and about with my toilet training 2yo, without feeling the need to put her in nappies for the trip. Have you ever been driving and had a diaper blow out while on the freeway with no exit in sight with a HUGE mess and screaming child?
LIFE TIME GUARANTEE-HASSLE FREE RETURN- What you are holding in your hands you will not find anywhere else today because we are the only company manufacturing this type of technology.
When you click the buy button you're going to receive this product in a few days and have guaranteed yourself a stress free environment in the car with your little one!

They are great, don't get hot for our 2 year old in summer, fit well and don't really move around. Because it is so small and lightweight, it's easy to grab and place in the car seat or pram. You are also protected by a Full Lifetime Guarantee Description:Did you know that by having this one little thing in your car, you could COMPLETELY change your life? As soon as this car seat protector is delivered to your door, we want you to take it out of the box and pour 8- 12 ounces of water on it.
We have not had any accidents yet but these give me the piece of mind to go out in the car with him.

We are yet to have an accident in either of those places, but I'm not so scared anymore!The designs are so cute - she absolutely loves her "little pink seat".

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