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We provide developmentally appropriate materials, environments, and activities to encourage young minds and bodies to grow.
Each classroom is equipped with basic first aid and minimal supplies in the event of a disaster.
The Temple’s complete Emergency Safety Guidelines document is available in the office for your perusal. We use positive reinforcement, modeling, and appropriate intervention during conflict to teach desired behavior in a calm, respectful manner. We believe the best learning environment is one in which parents, teachers, and the director actively work together.  Here are some of the ways (formal and informal) in which you and the preschool staff can establish an on-going dialogue and relationship.
The parents and teachers will develop a mutual agreement and partnership for this important life skill for your child. A complete change of clothes: pants, shirt, socks, underwear and sneakers to leave at school. It is helpful to keep extra supplies stocked in the event we need to implement our emergency plan.
Inexpensive play clothes that can get accidentally stained or bleached and clothes that are appropriate for the weather are best choices for what to wear. The safety of the children is of utmost importance.  In an effort to insure a safe arrival and departure, we ask that you follow the procedures listed below.
When entering the drop-off area, always pull all the way into the circle as far to the opposite end and as close to the curb as possible. Medication permission form (Please hand any medication directly to the teacher who will lock it up appropriately. This policy was reviewed by physicians at Green Hills Pediatrics and at Old Harding Pediatrics and by the preschool Committee before being adopted. Fever is generally indicative of a viral or bacterial infection.   We will notify the parent and the child may remain in the center with a temp of less than 100 tympanic or 99 axillary if the child is without other symptoms.
Child cannot return until 24 hours after last episode of vomiting.  We will call parents after one episode of vomiting. Uncontrolled diarrhea is defined as increased frequency of stools that are watery and with no form.   We will call parents after two episodes of loose, runny stools. A child may return to school when all signs of illness (fever, vomiting, diarrhea) have ceased for 24 hours and the stool can be contained in the diaper, or for older children, can be controlled to use the toilet.
The child can return to school the next day if feeling well enough to participate in group activities and has begun treatment with antibiotics.
If a child develops a rash with unknown cause, we will ask that a doctor check the rash and verify in writing that it is not contagious. Contact doctor promptly for diagnosis and treatment.  We will require that your child be on prescription medication  prior to returning to the center.
The preschool reserves the right to exclude any child exhibiting symptoms that may add to a possible epidemic spread of infection. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE GUIDELINES HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED FOR THE PROTECTION OF YOUR CHILD AND TO REDUCE THE CHANCE OF INAPPROPRIATELY MEDICATING A CHILD. It is our desire to be a help and support to all children and families enrolled in our program. IF AT ANYTIME A CHILD’S BEHAVIOR IS DEEMED OUT OF CONTROL AND THREATENS HARM TO HIMSELF OR OTHERS, THE PARENTS MAY BE CALLED TO REMOVE THE CHILD FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE DAY. No more cleaning up after your puppy, no more smells and no more suspicious spots on the carpet. The potty tray system provides dogs with a place to relieve themselves and for you to be relieved.
We're right in the middle of toilet training--so far so good, and the only bribes we've been using are the underpants themselves, and the shopping for them, and the opening the package, and the special underwear box to put them in, etc. Then I saw a Japanese toilet training video on bloggingbaby, and suddenly, I realized we're barely scratching the surface.
1) "Pantsuman ni Narou!" ["Let's be Pantsman!"] stars Shimajiro the tiger and is published by Benesse [which owns Berlitz, btw]. 2) Pantsu Koin-chan and Pantsu Pankuro is a morning cartoon on NHK, the Japanese public network, about the morning routines of its little underwear-clad characters.
6) This is my favorite [sic]: Pankuro's talking and acting all old-skool, like he's in a period samurai film.
Our first priority is to foster your child's development in our stimulating, play based environment. The decision to open or close will be made by the Director in consultation with the Senior Rabbi.

DAILY COMMUNICATION consists of individual notes for children in infant and toddler classrooms. PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES are scheduled twice each year, usually in the fall and spring.  You may schedule a conference at any time. THE preschool ADVISORY COMMITTEE helps set policies and procedures and reports directly to the Temple Board. PARENTS ARE REQUESTED to assist with all our special programs such as the Chanukah Party, Model Seder, or the Purim Carnival. BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS AND THANK YOU NOTES sent through classroom mail should go to all children. When on Temple property (parking lot, hallways, atrium, bathroom etc.), please help us avoid a serious violation by constantly keeping your child in your sight. We only administer prescription medication and only with parent signature.) See medication policy on PAGE 11. For example, if there are already cases of enteric illness in the school, we may ask that all children with diarrhea please stay home. MEDICATION PERMISSION: Parent must complete the medication permission sheet in your child’s classroom, giving the following information – The date, name of medication, dosage, time to be given, and your signature. MEDICATION is to be in the original bottle only with the name of the child that is to receive the medication clearly written on it. IF THE ABOVE DIRECTIONS HAVE NOT BEEN FOLLOWED, THE STAFF WILL BE UNABLE TO GIVE YOUR CHILD MEDICATION. DHS also requires that we have written permission to apply: sunscreen, bug spray and diaper ointment. A non-refundable registration fee of $75.00 is required at the time of the initial application.
After an application has been accepted and processed, a $10.00 service fee will be assessed for requests to change or reduce enrollment days or hours of enrollment. Unused days are non-transferable; however, specific days may be permanently sold to other enrolled families. For children able to eat our snacks, we provide a nutritious morning snack (and afternoon snack for full day children.) These snacks will include milk or water. The staff uses positive methods of discipline encouraging self-control, self-direction, self-esteem and cooperation. Staff will not use any form of corporal punishment, deprivation of food or use of the bathroom, shaming, or ridicule. A child will be released only to the parent, guardian, or person(s) designated on the CHILD INFORMATION CARD or noted in writing on the Memo Sheet in the child’s classroom the day of pick up. Our goal is to help children learn self-control, respect for others, and to take responsibility for their actions in an age-appropriate manner. Behaviors that cause harm to children, materials, or verbal offense will be documented by the teachers and communicated to all parties involved. If behavior continues regularly after parent communication, then an official conference will occur between teachers and parents involved.
If behavior still continues, then the director will join the above in a conference and an individual behavior plan will be developed for that child.
When deemed necessary, professional services will be contacted, in consultation with parents. If all options have been exhausted and the program no longer meets the needs of the child, preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment. The mat is made of an antimicrobial and odour resistant artificial turf that gives off an organic scent that attracts dogs so they get used to relieving in this particular spot.
After he uses the traditional Japanese hole-in-ground toilet, he sings, "Ah, the morning poo, it's a good feeling!" Just bizarre. Therefore, we provide weekly experiences with Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest starting at sundown on Friday night and lasting until sundown Saturday), symbols, Hebrew prayers, music and dance, celebrations and special foods.
Several of our teachers are multi-lingual.  Each staff member receives at least 18 hours annually of continuing professional development and is trained every two years in CPR and First Aid. First, children presently attending the preschool are processed in the order by the date the application is received in the office. This decision will be based on whether sufficient staff is able to report for work and the condition of the parking lot. In the event of an evacuation, we will be directed to move to the farthest area of the parking lot, toward the Belle Meade Mansion.
Collaboration and two-way communication between the school and parents is essential to support student learning.

For health and sanitation reasons, we require the use of disposable diapers (instead of cloth) while children are in our care. The bottle must also have the name of the medication and the directions for giving it on the label. Remember: complete medicine sheet in room, have medicine clearly labeled with child’s name, dosage, and directions for giving, and give to teacher upon arrival. This will be a separate “permanent” sheet from all other medications, located near the cubbies in each classroom. In January those currently in the program will receive a Continuing Enrollment form to register for the coming school year. Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, and Christmas Eve through New Year’s day. In the event of a separation or divorce with a custodial parent and a non-custodial parent, a copy of court papers indicating permission for release may be required for our files.
Last minute emergency arrangements for pick-up may be made by notifying the Director or teacher by phone. If this time extends beyond closing time, the parent will be charged the late fee until the child is picked up. The mat is placed on a plastic double tray which allows liquid to drain into bottom tray for easy cleaning. Our emergent curriculum provides hands-on experiences with math concepts, science, language, music, art, cooking and information technology. This program includes a review of the policies, procedures, and philosophy of the preschool.
All notes are written during nap time, and do not always include the end of the day experiences. Issues regarding all children, staff, or other parents should be addressed immediately and directly.
If the diarrhea is a side effect of taking antibiotics, your child may remain at school, so long as the loose stools can be reasonably contained in the diaper. New enrollees must pay their enrichment fees with their first month’s tuition or at time of registration. This charge will not be required for schedule changes that increase the number of days the child attends. We are also closed for the Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, the week of Passover, and Shavuot if they fall during operating days. Teachers will complete an incident report or make phone calls as needed regarding concerns, injuries, and illnesses, and a copy will be made for all parties involved as well as the office.
It is our hope that teachers will be your first contact when the concern is with that specific teacher or classroom. NOTE: WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GIVE THE MEDICATION IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE MEDICATION CHART IN THE CLASSROOM. We recognize that this could be uncomfortable; therefore, a three-way conference (teacher, director and parent) could be arranged. There will be no adjustments made in the tuition when preschool closes for holidays or inclement weather.
Therefore, extensive conversations need to occur during nap times or by scheduled appointment.
Every effort will be made to continue your child’s place after a temporary withdrawal, but we cannot guarantee it.
The preschool recognizes that responsibility for communication is shared by school and family. Please understand that due to staffing concerns, it is important that we receive prior notice for a child to come earlier or be picked up later. Charge for those not picked up on time is $8.00 per any portion of an hour before or after enrolled hours. When a space becomes available, a non-refundable deposit will hold the space for two weeks, after which regular tuition payments must begin.

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