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After many hours of holding out, Koji finally gives in and uses the litter pan on the toilet. Step 3: Place the aluminum roasting pan with flushable litter in the toilet and close the seat over it. While it is true that some people toilet train cats, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea or suitable for all kitties.  I have to admit the idea sounds attractive, but before we throw our litter boxes out the door, let’s explore the good, the bad and the smelly. Of course advantages include ditching: the litter box, cat litter, scooping poop or cleaning up litter on the floor.
Most other methods feature a series of training steps that gradually move your cat from the litter box onto the toilet itself, beginning with the litter box beside the toilet on the floor, then moving it higher and higher using books or boxes to gradually lift the litter box to the height of the bowl itself.  Once kitty has progressed to this level, the litter box is moved gradually onto the toilet lid and the amount of litter reduced until the box is 100% resting on the toilet lid with very little litter. Next a shallow tray, or a piece of paper with a small amount of kitty litter, is placed over the toilet, completely blocking the hole.  Over the next few days (or weeks if that is what it takes) a hole is made in the tray and gradually increased until the cat is using the toilet successfully. 7 Days: If you are not satisfied when you receive your item, please return it for a replacement or money back.

But could we be buying into new problems?  Cats are created to pee and poop on the ground (or your sandbox) then cover it up.  Cats aren’t wired for using the toilet (neither are some humans it seems, but that’s another issue), so right off the bat you are entering into a situation where you are asking your cat to depart from its natural way of “going” and adjust to your way of “going.”  Aren’t you glad the situation is not reversed? For now a new toilet-training system claims to teach cats how to use the bathroom just like humans.The Litter Kwitter is fixed to an ordinary lavatory and, with a little training, its makers promise, our pets will be visiting the loo in the same way as the rest of us within weeks. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Quickly train your kitty to use the potty with the hygienic CitiKitty cat toilet training kit. When my older cat was around 5 years old, I brought a little kitten home to be his friend and had to start the process all over again – all without having my older cat revert to the litter box! Transition your cat to the toilet in just weeks with a gradual 5-step process that lures the cat then gradually removes rings until they use like an ordinary toilet. Includes one size fits all transitional training seat and instructions.Ditch your Dirty Litter Box!

Our specially-designed training seat fits ALL toilets and transitions cats of all age, size, and breed from litter box to toilet. Any healthy cat, three months of age or older that is successfully using a litter box is a candidate for toilet training.CitiKitty offers a five-step gradual transition from litter box to toilet. CitiKitty accommodates cats of all personalities and does not expect them to adapt in too few steps. In one-week intervals you will progress from Ring 1 to Ring 4 in the training and at the completion your cats is toilet trained and no training seat is needed! Six Years of Amazing Reviews - Save over R15,000 on Litter!"We used your product on our cat and it was the BEST investment ever!

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