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The 1st indoor dog toilet breakthrough that ends daily pee odor and the drugery of nightly cleaning! We include detailed, tested instructions on how to train your dog, at any age, in just a few days! Stink Free creates pet products for owners that have safety and health as their top priority.
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Below is a list of the signs to tell if your child is ready for toilet training, or potty training. Your child can follow instructions – like point to your mouth, or more complex instructions such as putting away toys where they belong.

Comes with an extra insert!Training Insert Enables you to move forward and backward in the transition process.
With a library of info, media, and research data pet shoppers are sure to find what they're looking for. If your child displays two or three signs from each category, they may be ready for toilet or potty training. Setbacks to toilet training can be common with the arrival of a second baby, with approximately half the potty-trained toddlers wetting themselves again. Modules snap and unsnap together to fit any size dog!To clean once a week: grab handle like brief case, unscrew cap, pour pee in toilet, refresh in the shower!
Reassure your child that this is temporary, this will build up their confidence and help them get over it soon.

Save Thousands of Dollars on Litter $$$Keep a Cleaner & Healthier Home Removes from Toilet in Seconds Eliminate Litter & Never Clean Again Better for You and the Environment.
Older Cats Kittens 3-Months of Age and Older Multiple Cats Simultaneously Large Cats All Toilet Shapes and Sizes Guarantted!

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