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Potty Training Craft Project, June Bug photography Snohomish county Newborn and family photography.
About 6 months ago, I was sitting with Rex in our craft room, and we were both working on independent art projects. Vinyl (I used  631) You can get samples from most places that sell vinyl (on etsy, for example). Your baby must be physically developed with a sufficiently mature nervous system before you can start training him .Your newborn pees all day and night because his bladder is very small, even a small accumulation of pee can cause his body to expel it as a reflex action. However, as your baby grows, his bladder capacity will increase, and his body will start to produce a hormone that prevents him from peeing at night. As his nervous system is not fully developed, your baby does not understand the urge to pee, and starts to cry when he feels the diaper becoming wet when he pees on reflex. Family Photography by Melissa JenkinsPotty Training Craft Project, June Bug photography Snohomish county Newborn and family photography.

I have had so many parents ask about it, and love the story that I thought I’d share! Translation: he makes it into the bathroom, and points his stream in the general direction of the toilet bowl. If all the water does not drain from the toilet when you flush it, fill a bucket with water and quickly dump it in. The idea of a toddler coming off diapers naturally when his brain and body reach a certain stage of development has gained widespread acceptance. Plenty of diluted pee is produced as the kidneys' pee concentration ability is not fully developed. My first born was a girl, and I have a very tidy husband…so I was completely unprepared for the LAKES OF PEE on my bathroom floor when Rex started using the toilet on his own. No night or day distinction in sleeping pattern, leading to pee production round the clock.

I was seriously cleaning piss from places and trying to work out the physics required to get it there. The kidneys' pee concentration ability is now developed compared to the time when the baby is passing out a lot of diluted pee.
It got him to slow down, practice targeting the pee where it should go…and he is TRAINED!

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