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Music is a great way to engage young children because it is a natural and enjoyable part of their everyday lives.
As stupid and silly as some of these are – my little dude is singing about pee and poop.
You gotta do a poo in the loo, poo in the loo, you gotta do a wee through the seat, wee through the seat. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Short Description: Good quality baby potty training trainer baby toilet bowl multifunction baby toilet seat -----1.

Kristoff, Hans, Sven and many others kitchen -- it baby toilet trainer should be large enough to play in, and. A Japanese woman was so incensed by her husband’s stinky toilet tendencies that she slashed his face with a knife. On Monday afternoon, the Billings Police Department was called to the couple’s home on reports of a domestic dispute. A Japanese woman allegedly attacked her husband with a kitchen knife because of the terrible smell he had left in the toilet, police and reports said Monday.
A wife in Japan has attacked her husband with a sharp knife for leaving terrible smell in toilet, Japan’s Jiji Press and police in Tokyo reported Monday.

Our main goal is for him to understand that the toilet is where your pee and poop go and it is NOT a toy or a place for him to play in the water.
From there, we will help him understand that pee is not poop and poop is not pee (he’s confused).

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