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Returned item must have all original packaging and accessories.Gerber Baby Toddler Girl 3 Pack Training Pants 3T NEW! Imagine half a dozen pups defecating and urinating all at the same time. They would end up on a pile of pee or poo that could lead to contamination and disease.
Around three weeks of age, they begin to be able to see their surroundings and hear what it going on. It is instinctive for dogs to avoid toileting in their sleeping and eating areas, however, this is reinforced by the mother's actions. If we were never involved or interfered with our puppies,  the pup's natural instincts plus the learning they received from their mother, would have them toilet trained by about 16 weeks, However, due to our interference many young pups become fearful or confused by our actions and behaviour. Crate TrainingI recently tested a number of crates, the only one that was manufactured in the UK, was head and shoulders above the others. You could, of course, restrict the puppy by placing it into a playpen or a small room like a bathroom or laundry room. These areas generally have lino or tiles down, that make it easier to clean up the little accidents. 4. If you have children around and the dog needs the timeout and some peace and quiet, then a crate is ideal. However, if the puppy does manage to toilet in the wrong location, do not reprimand or show your disapproval in any way. You will not teach the puppy not to toilet in the house by doing this.

While watching your puppy in your house, you observe the pre-toileting behaviours such as sniffing, circling, etc.
Stain Pre-TreatmentUrine stains are difficult to remove because they contain organic enzymes that aren’t removed using traditional cleaning methods.
Simply applying vinegar directly to a soiled area is ineffective for removing both the stain and the odor. Vinegar TreatmentTo treat the soiled area, mix 1 part white vinegar to 6 parts water in a spray bottle, then spray to thoroughly saturate the stain. Feeding your puppy indoors and locating water bowls indoors will hasten the understanding that these areas are not suitable for toileting. When Should You Expect ImprovementsMost puppies will be showing a vast improvement by 12 weeks of age, though still having occasional accidents. Therefore, nature and instinct keep these young puppies safe whilst they are helpless blind and deaf. It is at this time the puppies begin to soil for themselves without the need for stimulation from Mum. Then around three and a half weeks old, the mother begins to train them to toilet outside the nesting area. I will not put a puppy or adult dog in any other crate or playpen, other than those made by MTM.

All cages and playpens feature a high-quality electroplated finish, to ISO9002 standards, which ensures rust resistance and ease of cleaning and safety. Having said that I believe the best way to restrict access to other places where the dog may toilet is a crate for the following reasons. If your dog is injured or needs an operation the first thing a Vet will do is put him in a crate If he has never been crate trained that will be really traumatic. If your dog breaks a leg or has cruciate ligament or hip problems he will need  a secure place to stay indoors when he needs rest and recuperation. Use a toothbrush or carpet brush to rub into the stain, and leave the solution on for five to 10 minutes. If she sees the puppy squatting, she will quite aggressively tell them off until they start to toilet outside of their sleeping and living area. Remember, your puppy's Mum cleaned up without scolding - attempting to reprimand the puppy for a bodily function will only create anxiety.
Then try an enzyme or oxygen-based stain remover and apply according to the package instructions.

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