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Potty TrainingTransitioning between nappies and potties can be a seamless or trial-and-error process for both parents and children.To help make this transition as easy as possible, NCT Shop stocks a wide range of potty training products and accessories.
The potty chair is ideal for times when your child wants to sit on the potty for longer thanks to its sturdy and ergonomic design with smooth edges providing your child with maximum comfort. BABYBJORN products are distributed exclusively in North America by our independent distributor BabySwede LLC. Just lift it out using the convenient handle under the splashguard, empty it and wipe clean or rinse under running water.
The smooth plastic and clean design with no corners or grooves prevent dirt from building up.

Yet the threshold that transforms the baby into a young child is learning to use the toilet. It's an important event and toilet training with comfort and support helps the process (er) flow smoothly. Unlike conventional toilet seats the Bumbo Toilet Trainer instills a sense of confidence and security that is very important when Toilet Training.
Children, who identify the similarity to the Bumbo Baby Seat, transition even easier into using the toilet. The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is made of soft, flexible polyurethane foam that is easy to clean.

From this point, the Bumbo Toilet Trainer will be one of the most functional furniture accessories in your nursery.

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