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Getting potty trained is a key milestone for growing babies that many parents look forward to. The Combo Potty Toilet Seat leverage on the simple principle that every child learns best by imitating and following what their parents or caregivers do.
The Combo Potty Training Seat is easy to install and is designed to fit a variety of toilet bowls.
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It not only means that your little one is more independent now, it certainly also means lots of savings on diapers. It is only natural that a child desires to be just like their parents and they will be motivated to do so without you telling them.
It is therefore more hygienic and saves you the trouble to wash your potty after every use. Please check the dimensions of the seat and distance between the pin holes (adjustable) to confirm if it would fit yours.

The high back will provide support for the child's back and the splash guard in front will prevent messes. Only one small annoyance is it doesn't fit flush with the toilet seat as our other one does -- although, thinking it might just take some time to it adjust to the toilet seat.

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