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This Padded Potty Seat with Step Stool helps make potty training easy with our heavily padded potty seat with built-in step stool and urine deflector. We recently had to replace it with another because my 3rd child wouldn't use any other potty seat.
It works! Potty seat (Jan 20, 2012) Reviewer: Dana I agree with the previous reviews that this seat definitely needs a pee guard for little boys. HOWEVER, this website should change the photo because you should NEVER use it with the seat up - TOTALLY UNSAFE! View detailsThe Happy Friends White Hippo Step Stool Training Seat has been designed so your child is comfortable and safe while using the toilet, the fun characters also make toilet training fun for your child. Read on for honest feedback (Jan 24, 2015) Reviewer: Dorilynn The stairs are sooo rickety we can never trust that our 2 or four yr old to climb and get down safely. Common sense anyone? Unstable potty seat (Jul 18, 2009) Reviewer: Cathy I ordered this potty seat for my grandson.

The anti-slip rubber surface and on the stool legs means your toddler will feel secure and stable while toilet training.
I wouldn't get it if your going to use it with a toddler (which was my intent) I had to hide it because my dd keeps dragging it around the house. At just under 3 years of age my son was willing to tinkle in the potty but was uncomfortable sitting for a BM. This colourful toilet trainer makes potty training fun and allows children to become fully trained at their own pace. It would not attach at all to our commode. My son found comfort and security with this chair! I didn't want to train her in a potty that sits on the floor because I want her to train on the toilet.
The toddler-friendly design provids my son with a way he can independently maneuver into a comfortable position to go potty.

The handles are perfect for reassuring him he won't slip when climbing up, and the comfortable padded seat gives him confidence that he won't fall in.
We tried many types of seats and this one is by far the family favorite great seat for independence (Jan 28, 2011) Reviewer: Laura My toddler loves this seat.
It makes him feel like such a big boy and has really helped up get him to do #2's in the potty. He seems comfortable and not scared to sit there like he is on the regular toilet seat. Do NOT leave the seat up!!!

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