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Without your dedication and love for my son I would never be able balance work and my personal life.
As a single mother of twin boys (one of whom is severely impacted by autism) our family has been able to reap many benefits in our day to day lives through Shawn’s participation at CCC. Not at all sure how she does it, but Tina finds the greatest people to work with my son (and others). Probably the most significant change is that we can now, as a family, go to a restaurant and enjoy a meal, without tantrums, screaming and otherwise drawing attention to ourselves.
The friendship and companionship which these young men and woman offer Shawn is remarkable and a blessing in our lives. Will’s aggression started to decrease at home and his anxiety during public outings with our family has dramatically decreased…Another wonderful result that has come out of Will’s attendance at CCC is his emerging skill of “social reciprocity”.
CCC has taught Shawn restaurant protocol sufficiently that he is now quite comfortable waiting for a server to take orders… bringing drinks… and ultimately bringing food.
In particular several of the CCC people who were with the program when Shawn joined 6 years ago are like family.

Shawn’s impulsive need for immediate service has been eviscerated by Shawn’s understanding that ultimately the food of his choice will be brought to him. As we did for a long time… we were not able to succeed in getting Shawn to the point CCC has. Another related challenge we always faced in any family outing was waiting… whether it be at the ticket booth or a movie line. Shawn’s twin proclaimed at the wise old age of 4, that the hardest thing about autism was the sound.
Shawn was not able to “keep it together” for any length of time as we tried to access any location or event.
He needed a break from the constant vocal stims, hand stims and other sounds Shawn makes, which he classified as the sound of autism.
CCC provides our family with a break from that noise so we can enjoy the “sound of silence”. So with increasing frequency Shawn is able to keep himself in line for the 5 minutes or so that it might take to get into the movie theater or museum or Sea World, Zoo or Wild Animal Park.

The sound of silence helps siblings get homework completed and provides mom with some contemplative time. One can only hope that in time Shawn will increase his “patience” to the point we can wait for the actual rides!!!! Out of the many therapies, treatments and programs Shawn has experienced over the years, CCC has by far been the most rewarding for our family. Through CCC Shawn has learned car safety, street safety and overall safety in public places. CCC has taught Shawn about staying close to a group (not wandering off to look at something). Safety is key in the CCC Program and the design to teach my son how to be safe in multiple environments has been a huge benefit.

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